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Sensor could detect illnesses

Sensor could detect illnesses
13th May 2013

Scientists have created a sensor which can be implanted into a patient's body and used to detect illnesses.

Called SPHERE (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in a Residential Environment), the device picks up changes in movement, habits, diet, weight, mood and heart rate and alerts doctors of any potential problems.

It has been developed by an interdisciplinary research collaboration (IRC) led by the University of Bristol and the Universities of Southampton and Reading.

It is believed it could be used to recognise symptoms associated with strokes as well as other serious conditions.

Professor Ian Craddock, director of the IRC, said: "SPHERE will address real world challenges by developing a practical technology to monitor people’s health in the home environment, targeting health concerns such as obesity, depression, stroke, falls, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases."

Further testing is due to be carried out on the device before it is rolled out to health authorities across the UK.

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