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Researchers stop muscle ageing in mouse study

Researchers stop muscle ageing in mouse study
27th September 2012

An international cohort of scientists has successfully halted muscle ageing in a mouse study.

The team identified the key factor responsible for declining muscle repair capabilities over time and believe that a common drug can in fact stop degeneration.

It was observed that the protein FGF2 activated dormant stem cells that help muscle repair. This caused the number of stem cells to deplete over time so when they were needed in later life they were unable to respond properly.

However, by applying a common FGF2 inhibitor drug they were able unable to halt the protein's effect.

While this is only an early study, researchers claim the findings hold clues as to how muscles lose mass with age, causing poor mobility and falls.

Every year older adults are put at risk of death by a fall and thousands fracture bones from a trip or slip. Improving bone and muscle strength is key to preventing such incidents, but this can only go so far.

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