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ReNeuron makes progress in stem cell treatment for strokes

ReNeuron makes progress in stem cell treatment for strokes
21st December 2010

A company which has developed a stem-cell based clinical trial for stroke patients has got the go-ahead to try its treatment on three patients.

This comes after the ReNeuron Group's first trial known as the Pilot Investigation of Stem Cells in Stroke (Pisces) went well, with the patient being safely discharged two days after the procedure.

Pisces was the world's first fully regulated clinical trial of neural stem cell treatment aimed at patients who have been disabled after a stroke.

The company will now test its ReN001 product on three further patients.

Michael Hunt, chief executive efficer of ReNeuron, said: "The initiation of the PISCES clinical trial is a major and hard-won milestone for ReNeuron and a significant milestone in the development of therapies to address the severely disabling effects of ischaemic stroke."

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of California Los Angeles found that almost two-thirds of patients who suffer a stroke will die or be readmitted to hospital within a year.

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