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Reinvent at 50

Reinvent at 50
31st January 2012

People should embrace life at 50 and reinvent themselves, instead of submitting to stereotypes and preparing for retirement.

This is the opinion of Ceri Wheeldon, founder of, who claims that older age is the perfect time to do new things that you didn't have the time or resources at a younger age.

"A lot of people follow passions that they perhaps had when they were in their late teens or early 20s - whether that is sport, painting or art," she explained.

What's more, modern technology is increasingly making dreams a reality. For example, somebody who aspires to write a novel can do so with ease on a computer and can self-publish using social media.

Consequently, "turning 50 is about re-invention rather than retirement," according to Ms Wheeldon, especially as societal attitudes towards age change.

This has been largely facilitated by the increase in inspirational older figures, such as Helen Mirran, showing that people are still vibrant, exciting and have lots to give in middle age.

A study by actually found that women are at their most body confident at the age of 52.

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