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Prepare now to avoid Christmas weight gain

Prepare now to avoid Christmas weight gain
30th November 2011

Older adults looking to avoid putting on weight this Christmas should start mentally preparing now, according to industry experts.

Sammy Margo, chartered physiotherapist and spokesperson for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, stated: "In anticipation that you are going to be overindulging at this time of the year, you should get on top of your game before Christmas arrives as opposed to after the damage is done."

Starting New Year's resolutions to keep fit early can also help keep weight off before and during Christmas.

Walking is a perfect activity for the Christmas period, as it works cardiovascular muscles without putting too much pressure on the body. It can also be done in-between festive meals and can include the family.

Common conditions in older adults, such as blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems or mental health can all be improved by simply taking a stroll research has proven.

A team at Shinshu University also discovered that high-intensity interval walking may protect against high blood pressure and decreased muscle strength among older people.

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