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Parkinson's UK applauds protection of scientific research budget

Parkinson's UK applauds protection of scientific research budget
21st October 2010

Parkinson's UK has welcomed the government's decision to protect the scientific research budget from savage public spending cuts.

Chancellor George Osborne announced as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review that the £4.6 billion budget for research would be ring-fenced for the next four years - although this does amount to a real terms ten per cent reduction, taking into account inflation.

Reacting to the news, the director of research and development at the Parkinson's disease chairty Dr Kieran Breen said it was positive news that the government had responded to the campaigning form the scientific community.

However, he also warned that charities like Parkinson's UK would struggle to make up the ten per cent real terms deficit.

"This will inevitably mean less money for vital research into new treatments that could lead to cure for Parkinson's disease," he said.

Scientists at the University of Sheffield recently claimed that Parkinson's disease symptoms result from damage to a part of the brain that is responsible for habits.

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