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Parkinson's patient to get brain stimulation treatment

Parkinson's patient to get brain stimulation treatment
19th October 2010

A man living with Parkinson's disease has spoken of his joy at being granted a rare operation to ease his chronic symptoms.

Former Serviceman Bobby Martin, 55, currently takes 11,000 tablets a year to manage the Parkinson's disease he developed eight years ago, the Daily Mail reports.

Such is the severity of Mr Martin's condition, the NHS has agreed to pay for him to undergo Deep Brain Stimulation - a complex procedure that has shown positive results in easing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Mr Martin and his wife, Margaret, are hoping the operation will give him back some of the life he has lost since his diagnosis.

He told the publication: "The first year I had it I got bad depression. I just couldn't accept the fact I had Parkinson's.

"Now I just try to life as normally as I can. I still do everything for myself it just takes a lot longer."

Parkinson's affects one in 500 people in the UK, according to Parkinson's UK.

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