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MP questions "indefensible" inequality in dementia funding

MP questions
21st February 2013

A Conservative MP has raised concerns over the significant difference between the amount of funding for dementia patients in urban and rural areas.

Dr Sarah Wollaston was speaking during a parliamentary debate when she highlighted the inequalities present in the current system, questioning the reasons why people with dementia in areas such as Devon receive less funding than those in cities, the Herald Express reports.

She stated it is "indefensible" that councils in towns and cities receive 50 per cent more government funding per head than those in rural areas.

This issue has been raised with the coalition in the past and it claims to have narrowed the gap, but the latest cash-settlement found this reduction to be just 0.2 per cent.

Dr Wollaston - who used to be a GP - asked parliament: "Why do we rate the value of an elderly person with dementia so much less in a rural area …  than we do in an inner city area?"

She insisted the government should share funding out more fairly across the country.

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