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Low-calorie cranberry juice has blood pressure benefits

Low-calorie cranberry juice has blood pressure benefits
21st September 2012

Older adults with high blood pressure should look to low-calorie cranberry juice to help them get it under control, according to a recent study.

Researchers found that drinking the juice regularly can have positive health benefits. The discovery was made when monitoring participants supplied with either the cranberry beverage or a placebo.

The findings will be presented at the American Heart Association's High Blood Pressure Research 2012 Scientific Sessions.

Scientists monitored blood pressure at the beginning, mid-point and end of the study. Over a period of eight weeks it was observed that blood pressure had dropped from an average of 121/73 mmHG to 118/70 for those given the low-calorie drink.

The antioxidant properties of cranberries have been associated with lower blood pressure in previous studies.

Heart health has also been linked to cranberry consumption. Drinking cranberry juice increases good cholesterol in the blood and plasma antioxidant levels, making it a healthy choice for anybody looking to improve cardiac function.

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