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Govt launches suicide prevention strategy

Govt launches suicide prevention strategy
11th September 2012

The government has a launched a new suicide prevention strategy to better protect those with mental health issues.

Building on a similar 2002 scheme, the Preventing Suicide in England strategy will target all ages and hopes to lower suicide rates further.

The number of people taking their own lives in the UK is already at a record low, but the recession has brought new fear that the number of suicides may increase.

It is hoped the strategy will facilitate effective interventions and make more resources available to mental health patients. It will also support local decision making "while recognising the autonomy of local organisations to decide what works in their area," according to a statement by the Department of Health.

Mental health charity Mind has also welcomed the strategy, claiming it will play a "crucial part" in encouraging vulnerable individuals to seek help "before they reach a point where suicide seems to be the only option".

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