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Govt announce funding for children's mental health care

Govt announce funding for children's mental health care
6th March 2012

The government has announced that it will release some £22 million in funding for a ground-breaking mental health programme for children.

Under the Children and Young People's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies project, youngsters with mental health issues will be able to make use of the best available services in more places across the country.

Funding will be used to roll out state-of-the-art psychological therapies and training for those who work with children with mental health problems outside of a medical capacity.

Improving treatment and support for children will be vital to prevent some of the tragedies that occur as a result of conditions like depression.

Governmental figures have shown that self-harming and substance abuse in much more common in youngsters with mental health problems, with ten per cent of 15-16 year-olds having engaged in self-harm.

Care services minister Paul Burstow commented: "We broke new ground last year investing in children's mental health – this additional funding will help deliver services specific to young people."

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