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Experts call for dementia diagnosis update

Experts call for dementia diagnosis update
12th October 2010

Experts on Alzheimer's disease are putting forward new proposals for the diagnosis of dementia.

The International Working Group for New Research Criteria for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease, which is led by French doctor Bruno Dubois, believes that new diagnosis procedure should take into account the latest scientific research.

Studies into biomarkers have recently shown positive results in identifying the onset of dementia ten years before it takes hold.

He explained that armed this knowledge, waiting to make a diagnosis was unecessary: "It's very important for us to move from the old way of seeing Alzheimer's disease to a new one that incorporates the importance of biomarkers.

"There is no longer a reason to wait until patients have developed full-blown dementia."

Professor Barbara Sahakian of the University of Cambridge told the Daily Telegraph this week that the current mental examination test used to diagnose dementia in UK hospitals is not accurate enough.

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