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Dementia prevalence high in 'oldest old' women

Dementia prevalence high in 'oldest old' women
10th May 2011

There is a high frequency of dementia and mild cognitive impairment in the "oldest old" women, according to a new report.

A study presented in journal Archives of Neurology found that the incidence of dementia almost doubled with every five years of age.

It was also revealed that the incidence of dementia increased from two per cent to three per cent in the 65 to 75-year-old group to 35 per cent in those over the age of 85.

Moreover, the prevalence of dementia in women over the age of 90 was around double that in the women aged 85 to 89.

Older people with dementia could be impacting on the health of their partner, a new study has indicated.

According to research published in journal Health Psychology, there were strong links in the mental and physical health of older married couples.

Both depressive symptoms and physical inabilities to carry out basic tasks were associated.

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