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Curry spice to aid stroke recovery?

Curry spice to aid stroke recovery?
10th February 2011

Curry spice turmeric may be able to help people recover after they experience a stroke, new research shows.

The drug was found to reduce problems with mobility, helping to regenerate brain cells following the stroke, according to the researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles.

Curcumin, derived from turmeric, was used to create a new molecule which was found to repair damage in the brain.

Sharlin Ahmed, research liaison officer at the Stroke Association, said: "When a stroke strikes, the brain is starved of oxygen causing brain cells to die or be damaged.

"There is a great need for new treatments which can protect brain cells after a stroke and improve recovery."

Meanwhile, a new therapeutic target could help to reverse brain injury years after a stroke occurs, findings published in CNS Drugs indicate.

By using a new method of delivering anti-inflammatory drug etanercept to the brain, researchers improved the symptoms of those with brain injury following a stroke.

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