Meet our Activities Coordinator, Tina Hughes

Hello. I am Tina and I have worked as an Activities Coordinator at White Lodge since 2008. I really enjoy my job and it's great to see residents enjoying themselves. The activities I arrange include baking, gardening, arts & crafts, knit & natter, quizzes & crosswords, table games, hand massage, cheese & wine afternoons and flower arranging. I also arrange physical activities such as Oomph Wellness for older people and a walking group. I also plan trips out in the minibus, and we hold celebrations, parties and music events at White Lodge. Residents' favourite activities are the quizzes, walking group, gardening and all the food-related activities.

Activities at White Lodge

Our Activities Coordinators here at White Lodge enjoy the fulfillment of helping residents feel important and a part of something. Meaningful moments are created through laughter and comfort. A varied activities programme is offered for the betterment of residents' bodies and minds, including music for health, 'Oomph' sessions and chair Zumba, in addition to coffee and cake groups that all inevitably lead to giggles and old fashioned singalongs. Also, we organise parties, trips out, walks in the country, bus outings and wonderful entertainers to visit our home. A sneaky tipple is always welcomed with cheese and crackers and, at the end of the day, it is important to go home knowing our activities have made a difference.

Life at White Lodge Care Home

Flower arranging

We spent an afternoon arranging flowers at White Lodge. The beautiful results smell wonderful and are now around our home for everyone to enjoy.

Making our Christmas Cake

We have made our Christmas cake already, using a Mary Berry recipe and involving residents in the whole process. Our two Doreens chopped the cherries and stirred the mixture, Jeannie added brandy to the fruit and Sue licked the spoon. The smell as it cooked was gorgeous and it was a fun afternoon that brought back memories of Christmases past. We can’t wait to try our cake in December.

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A visit for Geoffrey

Geoffrey was over the moon to see his daughter Ann and his son-in-law recently. It was very emotional and we were pleased the lovely weather made a garden visit perfect for catching up on family news. They have booked their next visit already and plan to walk around the beautiful and extensive White Lodge gardens and lakes with Geoffrey, weather permitting.

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Cheese and Wine Afternoon

Residents at White Lodge enjoyed a very sociable cheese and wine afternoon this week. The Activities Team set up a trolley with cheeses, biscuits, wines and beers, thanks to a £25 donation from Waitrose. The most popular cheese was the blue Stilton, accompanied by a lovely red wine. Doreen is our newest resident and really enjoyed trying the different cheeses. Jeanie, our Resident Ambassador, said she liked the afternoon and found it relaxing. Peter mainly enjoyed the red wine. Everyone had a great time.



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A little crochet to maintain our skills

We hold a weekly Knit & Natter morning at White Lodge Care Home and we are currently sewing squares together to make a blanket. Residents enjoy activities which provide an opportunity to practice skills they learned many years ago. One or two people are new to the craft and are still learning. We are grateful for the help of the local Women's Institute who have helped by knitting some extra squares and sewing the two blankets we have already made.

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Anyone for pizza?

At lunchtime today White Lodge residents enjoyed eating the pizzas they made themselves in this morning’s baking activity. The pizzas were all different, some had a little too much ground pepper, but they all went down well and the smell throughout the home as they were being cooked made us all hungry.

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Sound Relaxation

Sound relaxation begins at White Lodge. Sound relaxation uses aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.