Alison Eldridge

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Alison Eldridge

Hi, my name is Ali Eldridge, and I am the Lifestyle Leader here at Vecta House. I have worked for Barchester for over 20 years, mainly as a care assistant, but now have taken this position on the activities team.

I am very passionate about my work and enjoy every aspect of my job. Bringing a smile to residents' faces is my main priority, and I strive to always do my best for each and every person living in this home.

I feel proud to do this job and can go home knowing that I have made a difference to the lives of so many residents at Vecta House. I am also proud to be part of such a brilliant team!

Activities at our home

Our activities team are great at building the activities programme around the likes and interests of the people we care for. Ensuring that our social events offer fun and adventure is part of the ethos of our home; it’s important that those we support can enjoy an active and social lifestyle. Of course, there will always be those who prefer peace and quiet, and in these instances, a cup of tea and a chat are always welcomed.

Life at our home

Around the House

Residents enjoyed a visit from Carisbrooke Castle. The theme was 'around the house', so people brought in items from home.

tim , jerry and angelo

Tim, Jerry & Angelo

One of our visitors, Bonny, visits us with her dogs regularly. She travels across the UK and Europe competing in agility for the GB team and for herself. The dogs enjoy coming in the home and the residents very much enjoy seeing the dogs.

Afternoon of Celebrations

A lovely afternoon here at Vecta house, hosted by our general manger Nichola Shepherd. Our gardener Matt Mitchell won the divisional garden of the year award. Followed by Wendy Hatton and Ririn Sawitri who have been nominated for the care awards 2019 and our Housekeeping team have also been nominated for the care awards 2019.

The celebrations continued with Paula McVeigh who has successfully completed her training to become a care practitioner.

Last, but not least, we were delighted to celebrated the success of Linda Walton, our head of housekeeping has worked at our home for 25 years.

It was an amazing afternoon for all of us. 

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Fluffy Friends

Georgina came with her 3 guinea pigs to visit Vecta House residents, who loved to pet, cuddle and bond with it.

Pet therapy is a great way for those living with dementia to boost their mood and fight loneliness.

Vecta in Bloom

Vecta in Bloom

We are delighted to announce that we have been named as a Divisional Winner for Barchester in Bloom's 'Garden of the Year' competition.

Feeding the Geese

Feeding the Geese

On a Monday afternoon, residents went out with the activities girls to the iconic Ryde Canoe Lake to feed the geese. Those living with dementia can find caring for animals to be a source of comfort.

Upcoming events

Don't Dine Alone

Don't Dine Alone

We understand that meal times can be lonely for some older people.

Coffee & Cake Afternoons

Coffee & Cake Afternoons

Join us at our coffee & cake afternoons and enjoy an informal chat with friends and family.