Meet our Activities Coordinator, David Alderman

David has been our Activities Coordinator for over five years. He is involved in the creation and coordination of all of our activities and events designed for residents, as well as organising shopping trips and other excursions out into the community and local area. Married with three grown-up kids, he now enjoys his spare time painting the beautiful countryside locally.

Activities at our home

Our home is always full of life, and we can thank our wonderful Activities Coordinators for this. Dedication to creating a unique and interesting activities programme is what sets us apart from other homes. We always take into consideration that some people would prefer to pursue their own interests, which is why our team strive to incorporative activities that cater to a wide range of tastes and hobbies. Our trips out are always fun and exciting as well, and residents are guaranteed to return with stories to tell their loved ones!

Life at Prestbury Beaumont Care Community

Residents go on a virtual travels

Residents of Prestbury Beaumont virtually travelled to a variety of locations over the last week as part of their homes armchair travels. Residents were asked which destination they would like to visit this summer for a cruise and chose popular places from Wales, Spain, Germany and many more places of interest.  Residents chose their favourite places due to the warm weather, the cuisine or the architecture.

Residents enjoyed touring and learning about the national monuments in their destinations using google maps on the iPad.  They have been to Wales, and made Welsh cakes along with having leek soup and bara brith made by the homes chef. Then they went to Spain and had sangria and tapas, before travelling to Switzerland which was full of cheese and chocolate! Next they went to Germany which included virtual tours around berlin, German beer and special German food. Bulgaria was also on the itinerary where they learnt about the Bulgarian culture and had a special Bulgarian cake made by our Chef from Bulgaria! Over the weekend a pit-stop in Italy where they made homemade pizzas and then had a wine tasting afternoon. To end the virtual cruise week Canada was the final destination where they enjoyed traditional Canadian Butter Tarts and learnt facts about Canada from one of the homes residents who lived there most of her life.

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Birthday celebrations

Resident, Keith celebrated his 91-years young birthday in style surrounded by staff and friends in the home who presented him with his home-made birthday chocolate cake. 

Operations Manager, Catherine Campbell, said : “It was a lovely afternoon which was enjoyed by everyone and it was nice that Keith could share his day with all the other residents and the staff made sure his birthday celebrations were spectacular!”

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Friendship Tree

When the weather is humid and stormy Prestbury Beaumont sometimes just want to do activities that they can enjoy and admire.  Residents using special felt tip pens to colour and sign hearts to create their own 'friendship tree' and showing creative flair in these colourful designs.

The home has a "Friendship Tree" and Residents enjoy decorating the tree with ornaments that reflect the different seasons.  The finished effect is charming and we can't wait to add more names !

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A gift for carers

Prestbury Beaumont held a day of celebrations to thank care staff at the home, who make a real difference to the lives of those in their care.  Staff were treated to a bottle of wine and sweet treat to enjoy after a long day.

Carers Week is an annual event to raise awareness of caring, highlighting the challenges carers face, and recognising the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK, which now, is more important than ever. Carers have a vital job in the care of residents throughout the home, and form very special bonds with the people they look after. They are the day-to-day face of our home, working directly with residents and families to ensure the very best quality care and support is given.

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Pocket Hugs

As part of their arts and crafts session, residents at the home created a ‘pocket hug’ and hand-made cards to send to their loved ones.  Being in touch with relatives and friends has always been important for residents and is one of the many ways they have been keeping in touch.

It is vitally important that we ensure that our residents can remain in contact with their family and friends during this time. New technology is great for this purpose, but of course, a good old fashioned letter and card is just as welcome and we hope they will all like those special pocket hugs!

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Cheshire East Donated Nestle Eggs to the Home

Staff, residents at Prestbury Beaumont celebrated Easter with eggs-tensive range of Easter activities, but today it may be later than planned were delighted when  Nestle who donated a supply of Easter Eggs to Cheshire East Council asking that they be distributed to care homes within the borough and the home were delighted to receive a nest of eggs for everyone to enjoy.

Operations Manager, Catherine Campbell said: “We had a lovely Easter as it’s such a nice time of the year – the residents love all the colourful Easter eggs, so this special delivery of chocolate is a treat for us to enjoy over the weekend. It’s really been an eggs-cellent day!”

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Tea and a Tour

Tea and a Tour

Our General Manager and team would like to welcome you for tea and a tour of our home.