Meet our Activities Coordinators, Lisa, Ashley and Sara

Hello, our names are Lisa, Ashley and Sara and we are the Activities and Lifestyle team at Paternoster House! We are responsible for developing and overseeing an active living programme for each resident, which supports mobility, social contact, independence and fun, so that each and every one of the residents can thrive and live to their full potential.

Activities at Paternoster House

Our specialist activities staff are committed to organising a mix of activities and events for residents and the local community to get involved in, including trips out to local places of interest in our minibus and visits from entertainers and musicians. It is important to us that each individual who we support can get as much from these as possible, so we try our best to arrange activities that reflect their interests and capabilities as best as possible, and encourage them to participate in any way they can. We also encourage relatives to join with activities and events as often as they can.

Life at Paternoster House Care Centre

Friends Of All Ages

The residents at Paternoster House have developed a wonderful friendship with the children of Sunshine Nursery and Pre-school.

The children and our residents have been sending letters to each other, describing their days and the things they enjoy doing. The children have kindly created this Autumn display for us which was greatfully received as it will give our home a lovely Autumnal feel. We will have to think of something creative to return the favour.

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Interactive Table Fun

Using technology in our home has become more important than ever. Paternoster House is fotunate to have a Digital Rainbow interactive table, as well as several tablets, for residents to use for games, puzzles, music and keeping in touch.

The table is always popular as it has a range of capabilities that can be enjoyed by all.

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Harvest Festival

Paternoster House received a kind donation from Tesco in Waltham Abbey to support our ongoing Harvest Festival activities.

World Alzheimer's Day

Today residents and staff created a lovely display in their home in recognition of World Alzheimer’s Day which is held on Monday 21st September 2020.   

Board Games

The rain doesn’t stop the fun! Residents have enjoyed a day of board games and puzzles across the home. Our active mind puzzles have also engaged residents in reminiscing about the good old days and past experiences.


Residents Engage in Digital Activities

Technology time allows residents to learn and engage in different types of apps. The tablets are also used as a sensory tool to deliver person centred activity.

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.