Meet our Activities Coordinator, Michelle Page

We all know that keeping active is important. We have created a wonderful culture within the home and we work together to give residents the best possible experience. We are here to ensure that residents enjoy an environment that is both stimulating and socially active.

We ensure the team knows each residents' preferences, so that we can deliver a person-centered program of events and activities. Essential to our homely feel is the strong relationships of trust we build with residents and their families and friends.

The home also has its very own minibus for our numerous outings for coffee and shopping, which residents love.  I joined the team in November 2021.

Activities at Newlands

Activities within our home are tailored around the requests of residents. Our Activities Coordinator holds regular activity meetings to seek new thoughts and ideas. The home is committed to offering a varied range of activities for all residents, from hand and nail care to gardening for those who have green fingers. We carry out reminiscence activities, including planned entertainment days, bringing the seaside into the home or dance hall meetings.

We hold strong links with the community, especially schools and local children's sports teams, who visit the home to provide entertainment and engagement with residents. We also maintain relationships with the church to ensure that residents’ spiritual beliefs are met. Externally, we have our own minibus, and outings are planned and carried out, again tailored to residents’ preferences, whether it be shopping, visits to the local pub, tea and coffee afternoons, or a scenic day out in the lakes and lovely countryside that surrounds us. However, the fun does not stop at the residents we care for, but we also hold events to involve family and the wider community.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Newlands Care Home

Dr Tim Howard discusses book

Residents across our homes had a lovely time joining Dr Tim Howard, 4th generation GP, whose whole life has been about patient care, for an exciting virtual event to discuss his novel ‘Let’s Kill All The Lawyers’.

The novel is a medical fiction thriller that explores the impact of life and death events, mistakes and forgiveness, and the impact of law and justice on the day- to-day lives of ordinary people doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Residents had the chance to ask their own questions once the discussion was over and a great time was had by all.

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Virtual book event

Our residents across our homes had a lovely time joining Daniel Snowman, for an exciting virtual event to discuss his book ‘Just Passing Through’.

Author of over a dozen books, Daniel Snowman’s long and active life has led him to interact in countless ways with the wider world and with some of its most famous inhabitants. His memoir evokes these experiences via a series of vivid literary vignettes.

Our residents found the talk very intriguing and informative, and were happy to learn more about Daniel’s experiences around the world.  A great time was had by all.

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Virtual singing session

Our homes had a fantastic time with vocal coach Mark De-Lisser as he led an amazing virtual singing session for our residents to enjoy.

Our residents were able to learn different techniques as they sang the famous ‘I’m a Believer’ by The Monkees.

There were smiles and laugher all around. The session was such a success and was great for the mind, body and soul.

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National Beer Day

Happy National Beer Day! Residents enjoyed tasting a variety of local beers and discussing their favourite drinks.

Mini bus trip

Residents enjoyed a minibus tour along the coast, stopping for ice cream and reminiscing about the local area and trips to the beach.

Jubilee celebrations

Residents, relatives and staff enjoyed our Jubilee Party despite the not so sunny weather! A massive thank you to staff and to Karen & Monty’s Mr Whippy for visiting us with their delicious ice cream!

Upcoming events

July 2022

We are excited for the Summer here at Newlands and have a lot planned throughout July!