Activities at Middletown Grange

We aim to provide a variety of activities that will both mentally and physically stimulate the people we support. Residents have a range of different needs and interests, and it is crucial that these are reflected in the activities available, so that each individual is able to participate to the best of their ability. We organise both group and individual social events that everyone is welcome to take part in; there is a weekly outing to local places of interest, including the garden centre and the local farms, parks and museums. In addition, we enjoy regular visits from entertainers and even exotic animals. We also host events such as 'Beach Day' that relatives and friends are encouraged to participate in. Getting involved in charities is a big part of our ethos, so events such as 'PJs for Pudsey' and pirate-themed days are regularly hosted to raise money for different foundations, including the Alzheimer’s Society.

Enriching life
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Middletown Grange Care Home

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Celebrating Yoga Certification Event

On 23rd November, we have proudly celebrated the Yoga Certification Event at our home. We have made the day a remarkable one by decorating the home and arranging a tea party along with the event.

The arm chair yoga session that is conducted on Thursday is one of the activities that every resident love to join. Residents attend the 45 minutes session that comprises of light exercises, Sun Salutation and leg movements which is a complete mind and body relaxation session. The trained yoga teacher conducts the session in a very professional and friendly way that each resident gets individual attention as well. Extra activities like therapy with singing bowl and musical therapy is also included in the session.

The yoga certification program was hosted by the home this Thursday to give certificates to the residents who participate in yoga session every week. Mary, a resident said “I feel like passing my school exam and being graduated again” when the certificate was handed over to her. The tea party with refreshments added colour to the day.

The yoga certification event was a big day for the residents and they loved to click nice photos holding the certificates they have won. Thank you all for making it a big day!

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Coffee Morning

The Coffee Morning that happens every month is very popular among all our residents. The resident’s family and friends and anyone who would like to have coffee with the residents are always welcome to join us in the coffee mornings.

Coffee morning at kind café that happened In 17th November was a very memorable day as we had the family and friends of residents who managed to come on the day. The residents and the visitors enjoying to sit in the kind café to have coffee and freshly baked muffins from the kitchen team. The residents enjoyed their coffee while talking to the visitors and sharing their old time memories.

Our staff members were also busy helping the residents and visitors get their favourite drink and snacks. The coffee time is one of the best moment’s for the residents as it give them a nostalgic feeling of enjoying their times at coffee bars with their friends and family.

We had our muffins with a cup of freshly prepared coffee in the kind café with all our loved ones around. Residents invited the visitors for the next coffee morning rather than giving a bye- bye!

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Celebrating Halloween

In October last week, we have celebrated Halloween. We have created and decorated the home towards Halloween theme.

On Thursday, 28th October, we bought pumpkins of various sizes. Residents were very keen to do pumpkin carving the next day wearing the aprons and gloves. They were assisted by the staff members to make scary pumpkin faces. Our chef prepared hot pumpkin soup for the residents which they enjoyed in between the pumpkin carving.

On Sunday afternoon,  1st November, the residents enjoyed decorating the home with scary spiders, lightning jars and decorations. They also loved taking photographs with their Halloween caps on. Residents also enjoyed the special  spooky Halloween lunch by our chef .

We all had a great time and we would like to thank everyone who has made the day a very special one.


Christmas Activities Calendar

Residents have been busy organising and helping to plan the December Christmas countdown planner for Middletown Grange. Feel free to come and join us for a festive fun and activities.


Happy Birthday Victor

Happy Birthday Victor from all the staff at Middletown Grange

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Halloween at Middletown Grange

Middletown Grange have enjoyed Halloween and especially their spooky Halloween lunch Menu.

Upcoming events

Countdown to Christmas

Take a look at all of the wonderful festive events and activities throughout December. Please feel free to join our celebrations. Contacts us for more information.