Meet our Activities Coordinator, Carole Hierons

Hello, my name is Carole. I have worked at Lydfords Care Home for over 6 years as Activities Coordinator.

I moved to East Sussex with my family in 2013, from Croydon, where I had grown up and lived all my life. I am married and have 3 lovely children. Before moving here, I worked as a Doctor's Receptionist and a Chemist Counter Assistant. I was also a Cub Scout Leader for over 25 years. I started working at Lydfords in January 2014. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my six grandchildren, who keep me very busy, my two dogs, Arts and Crafts, and try to relax a little in my garden.

I really love my job, Activities at Lydfords is a happy, friendly, fun place to work. We share lots of memories, and make lots of new ones together.

We understand that the people we support have passions and interests that could be difficult to pursue after moving into a care home – but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them to try! Some hobbies can define a person, so our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that everyone we support is able to do what makes them happy to the best of their abilities. Social events are organised with individual tastes in mind and with the idea that residents have the opportunity to try new and exciting things.

Life at Lydfords Care Home

Friends of Lydfords

We are living in the most trying and unsure times at present. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to Covid-19, with many, many more at great risk.

Recently, two very special friends of Lydfords said that they were making ‘scrub bags’ for hospitals because they were isolating at home and really wanted to do something to help care staff and nurses working on the front line. They asked if they could make these scrub bags for our hardworking staff at Lydfords—and they did!

In the space of 3 days, they worked tirelessly to produce 40 scrub bags for all the care and domestic staff here at Lydfords. Even managing to source fabric suitable to produce male and female bags. 😊

These scrub bags will enable the staff to take home their uniforms in a sealed bag which can then be placed directly in the washing machine, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination in the household.

This is such a heart-warming act of kindness from them. They do not wished to be named, just known as ‘Friends of Lydfords’, as they feel they are not heroes – we are!

Lydfords staff just want to shout out a huge – THANK YOU!

Crazy times for us all, but some wonderful acts of kindness and caring from lots of people all over the country.

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Easter Donation

Mr & Mrs Caket, the owners of the 'All Wrapped Up' shop in Heathfield, donated loads of Easter chocolate for Lydfords staff. Mr Caket's mother, Renee, was one of Lydfords residents a few years ago.

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.