Meet the Kingfisher Lodge Care Home Team

From nurses and carers to chefs and housekeepers, staff in our home are here to deliver high quality care and services to those we support. Check below to meet some of the friendly faces you are likely to see when visiting our home:

Claudia Costinean

General Manager

Hello! I'm Claudia, the General Manager at Kingfisher Lodge.

My journey in caregiving began over a decade ago. For ten years, I dedicated myself as a carer, then earned my nursing qualification in 2018. Growing up without grandparents, I've always felt a deep-seated passion for ensuring the elderly and those in need receive the utmost care and support.

At Kingfisher Lodge, I maintain a close-knit relationship with both the nursing and care staff. This collaboration is pivotal in our commitment to delivering the exceptional care our residents deserve.

Whenever you're in our home, chances are you'll spot me. Please don't hesitate to say "Hello!"

Monica Banaduc

Acting Deputy Manager

Hello, my name is Monica, the Acting Deputy Manager at Kingfisher Lodge.

I have been working in healthcare for many years and my role now is to support the manager team and ensure resident care is effectively delivered. I love working with the residents and their families, and making sure that I support the residents to meet their needs.

Esther Kasumba

Head of Unit

I am Esther, a dedicated mental health nurse and unit manager on memory lane. 

I specialise in dementia by creating a supportive therapeutic environment  for both residents and staff. I have worked for Barchester for 9 years and I love my job. I am very passionate with my role and I work to the best of my ability to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the residents providing them with exceptional care and support.

Fiona Mason

Home Administrator

Fiona is responsible for the administration of the home and works closely with the General Manager and Heads of Departments to ensure the smooth running of Kingfisher Lodge. Fiona is supported by Julie and Vicky.

Fiona has been with Kingfisher Lodge since March 2013 and is a very committed member of the management team, Fiona brings a wealth of administration experience from her previous role of working for the Local Authority.

George Tantrum

Activities Lead

Hi, I am George and I am the Activities Lead here at Kingfisher Lodge. I have worked in healthcare for over 6 years and I have a passion for enriching the lives of the people in our home. We offer a wide variety of life enrichment activities within our home, from minibus trips and group outings all the way to spending some one on one time with our residents. If you pop into the home, the chances is you’ll find me, so come say hello!

Karen Brickell

Head Chef

Hi, my name is Karen, and I am the Head Chef here at Kingfisher Lodge. I was one of the first chefs to work here at Kingfisher lodge when we first opened its doors back in 2012.

I am lucky enough to have also worked at other Barchester homes. I really enjoy not only the cooking but the life outside the kitchen in and around the home in the lounges and dining rooms, chatting and joining in singalongs and activities with all the staff.

I really do thrive from interaction with the residents and enjoy listening to suggestions and unusual things to cook. I will always surprise residents with a special meal and a birthday cake.

Iggy Catalano

Head of maintenance

Hello I am Iggy and I am Head of Maintenance at Kingfisher Lodge.  I strive to maintain Barchester’s high standards of safety and security, ensuring the home runs smoothly. 

Every day is different and I love talking to the residents, finding out about their life histories.

Mandy Evans

Senior Care Assistant

Mandy joined Kingfisher in February 2016. She is loved by all residents and has great communication skill with loved ones. Everyone loves Mandy’s stories about Wales and she often tells residents long tales from the valleys.

Lyn Fry

Senior carer

My name is Lyn, and I'm a Senior Carer at Kingfisher Lodge.

I've had the privilege of working with Barchester for over two decades. What I love most about my role is that every day brings a unique set of experiences. Currently, I'm dedicated to our Memory Lane community. Dementia care is a subject close to my heart, and it's a field I'm deeply passionate about.

Zena Davies


Hello! I'm Zena, the Hostess at Kingfisher Lodge.

The highlight of my role is conversing with our residents. I cherish the moments when they share their stories, allowing me to learn more about their rich histories and experiences.

Paula Richards


Hi I am Paula,

I have worked at Kingfisher Lodge since 2019 as a Carer, I am very passionate about my role and I work to the best of my ability to care and for our resident’s needs.

Kelly Prince

Activities Assistant

Hi I am  Kelly,

I have been working at Kingfisher Lodge as a Senior Carer for nearly 8 years now I am starting a brand new role in our home by joining the Activities Team, I am so excited to explore with our residents ways to enrich their lives here  at Kingfisher Lodge, I have always been passionate about activities and I want to empower our residents through activities and life skills to boost their self-esteem and encourage independence alongside a lot of fun and laughter.

David Richards


Hi I'm David,

I have been part of the team at Kingfisher since 2018.My role is to ensure that we maintain a high standard in the whole home. I enjoy being able to provide a safe and warm environment. We are here for the residents and the team here at Kingfisher and are always happy to help.

Martin Henson


Hello, My name is Martin and I am part of the maintenance team here at Kingfisher Lodge. I have been part of the home since 2016, prior to Kingfisher Lodge I was part of the works division at Bristol Prison and in addition to that I was a brick layer/builder for around 16 years. My spare time Is split between helping my sons with any building work they might need in their homes and I visiting the local Archery club.