Meet our Activities Coordinator, Bea Porup

Bea has many years of experience working in elderly care and both experience and training in dementia care. She has also worked extensively with people with Huntington's disease. Bea works closely with Anna and our management team, nurses, carers and kitchen team to ensure our home has a vibrant environment with lots of events happening and varied opportunities for having both new and familiar experiences, making sure the people living here lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Activities at Kernow House

Our Activities Coordinators organise varied and regular events. The activities that take place depend on what our residents tell us they are interested in and the feedback we get from their families. We currently have pop-up cafes where we socialise and do crafts, Flexercise classes and the oppurtunity to go swimming in a nearby hydro therapy pool. Once a week we play bingo and we are often joined by families or friends during our social activities where they are always most welcome.

Living in Cornwall the surrounding countryside offers many beauty spots and we often have trips out to wherever our residents would like to go. At other times a walk to nearby shops or cafes is what we enjoy.

Kathy, our aromatherapist, delivers sensory sessions on each unit once a fortnight. She also offers private treatments. Louise is our hairdresser and she is with us twice a week. The methodist community support us with hymn singing once a week and all denominations are welcome to partake.

Apart from these weekly events, we also celebrate special occasions and events and often have musical entertainers to visit but we also make our own fun. All staff take part in fancy dress or charity events that we support and often what we do evolves through interaction between residents and care or activity staff. All this makes Kernow House a vibrant place to be where things happen both as group activities as well as on an individual level.

Life at Kernow House Care Centre

Our Divisional Winners

Congratulations to Sue Carlisle, who has been named as a Divisional Winner in the 2020 Barchester Care Awards. Sue is a finalist in the Volunteer of the Year category, and has been invited to attend an awards ceremony on 8th October, where she will find out if she has won overall.

Also, well done to Dan Hill, who was named as a Divisional Winner in the Chef of Year category.

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Virtual Wimbledon

We have been watching tennis on television and on a tablet from previous Wimbledons. We call ‘virtual Wimbledon’, because the real event isn’t happening this year. Never mind! This way we can suit ourselves and watch whenever we like. We have had Pimm's and lots of quizzes along with Wimbledon facts. We also got our tennis balls out to play a little ourselves.

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Garden Visit

We are offering garden visits for residents and their families or friends and have already had some very emotional visits. Although we are in ‘sunny Cornwall’, it rains a lot, so we have a summer house, a gazebo and parasols, ready to shelter us when needed. It is lovely to spend a little time together again and being outdoors in a lovely garden is a bonus when the rain stops.

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Father's Day

We celebrated Father’s Day with flowers and chocolates for everyone. We share them out so no one misses out on a little treat. Many fathers had Skype calls, telephone calls or cards and gifts from their loved ones. Later, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch of roast turkey or salmon in a Mediterranean sauce, cooked by our kitchen team.

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National Beer Day

We are finding all kinds of different events to celebrate. National Beer Day was one. We had lager, ale, shandy, lemonade, alcohol free beer and a few snacks. Sitting down together, having a pint and putting the world to rights is exactly what’s needed sometimes. National Beer Day is an annual event, but we will definitely repeat the day before next year.

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National Biscuit Day

We never need an excuse for eating cake at Kernow, but when we realised there is an actual National Biscuit Day, we nearly jumped for joy. Biscuits were made by our chefs and distributed to everyone in the home. It was a good opportunity to sit down with residents, have a cup of tea and a biscuit or two while having a good natter. It’s just as it is in any family!

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.