Meet our Activities Coordinator, Luisa Painemilla

Hello my name is Luisa, I am an Activities Coordinator at Iddenshall Hall & Beeston View.  My work is very rewarding and it is a pleasure planning events & activities each month.  I enjoy interacting with residents and learning about people’s interests, preferences and experiences.

I have worked with the elderly over five years and also for fifteen years in the social field as an Activities Coordinator for different social groups in three countries. I have a Degree in Social Integration, A Certificate in Theatrical Psychology & A Music Therapy Certificate. In the past I have worked for Local Authorities and in a Cerebral Palsy Home.

Activities at Iddenshall Hall

Activities here at Iddenshall Hall are an integral part of every day life for each of our residents. We strive to include as many of our residents as possible with the activities schedule. Our Schedule is released monthly and includes activities such as poetry afternoons, indoor games, Bingo, flower arranging, pamper days, quizzes, exercises, various musicians and entertainers, Pat Dog Visits, Music Therapy, discussion groups and trips out in our minibus to local places of interest and further afield to see the Blackpool Lights or to Knowsley Safari Park.

We are constantly asking the people who live in our home which events they would like to see taking place and we endeavor to fulfill these requests. Our aim is to provide a varied and packed schedule which allows for a vast array of skill bases and capabilities. We are in constant contact with local groups and businesses, the local Beaver Scout group are always happy to pay a visit to our home, helping with the garden or coming at Christmas to sing carols for us. We also have a small group of volunteers to help us, including pupils from our local 6th form College who visit once a week.

All the above helps ensure the lives of our Residents are fun and fulfilled.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Iddenshall Hall Care Home

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Cheese & Wine afternoon

The residents enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, savouring different cheeses as well as green olives, crackers, grapes and a glass of wine of their choice. We liven up the session with a quiz related to wines and cheeses.

National ice-cream

The residents enjoyed decorating their ice creams on National Ice Cream Day, each one decorated their own using the different decoration options such as marshmallow, chocolate sprinkles, sauces, etc. Then everyone enjoyed their ice cream out in their open garden.

An afternoon at the Opera

Our homes had a fabulous time with the talented soprano Astrid Joos from Street Theatre.  Astrid spoke about a selection of famous operas and our residents were treated to performances of wonderful arias from operas well-known to all, such as ‘Giuditta’, ‘Don Giovanni’ and ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’.

It was a lovely experience, truly enjoyed by all.

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World Chocolate Day

Today we celebrate one of the sweetest days of the year, drawing and painting while we smelled the wonderful aroma of chocolate. Then everyone happily tasted delicious chocolate such as snacks chocolate, hot chocolate, ice cream chocolate, etc. Later they also had fun painting each other's faces with chocolate, making the moment fun.

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Home celebrate 74-years of NHS

The National Health Service began on 5 July 1948, then the residents got involved to congratulate the NHS for their 70 years Birthday, with writing shortly text messages, drawing & painting to support and wish the NHS a very Happy Birthday.

Dr Tim Howard discusses book

Residents across our homes had a lovely time joining Dr Tim Howard, 4th generation GP, whose whole life has been about patient care, for an exciting virtual event to discuss his novel ‘Let’s Kill All The Lawyers’.

The novel is a medical fiction thriller that explores the impact of life and death events, mistakes and forgiveness, and the impact of law and justice on the day- to-day lives of ordinary people doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Residents had the chance to ask their own questions once the discussion was over and a great time was had by all.

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Upcoming events

Armchair Zumba

Armchair Zumba

We continue to hold monthly Zumba classes with the lovely Maritza. Everyone is welcome!

Musical Moments

Musical Moments

Join us for our Musical Moments classes with Mel.