Activities at our home

We understand that the people we support have passions and interests that could be difficult to pursue after moving into a care home – but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them to try! Some hobbies can define a person, so our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that everyone we support is able to do what makes them happy to the best of their abilities. Social events are organised with individual tastes in mind and with the idea that residents have the opportunity to try new and exciting things.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Hafan-Y-Coed Care Home


Afternoon Tea and a Chat

Hafan-Y-Coed's residents enjoyed a special afternoon tea  Presented in china tea cups and saucers along with plates of a mouthwatering selection of cakes everyone was spoilt for choice.  The atmosphere was relaxed with lots of chatting amongst friends.  

Do Not Pass Go!

If there is one board game you can really get into it is Monopoly and what better way to spend a rainy afternoon with friends.  Thank you Louise for joining in and ensuring fair play!  We all agreed we like to play the original version and wondered how long it had been around as everyone knows Monopoly.  A quick check on Google and the first version was created in 1902 which is incredible!

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Basket Creations at Gardening Club

Rain wasn't forecast, but it didn't stop us planting!  We planted up lots of lovely baskets and planters in our gardening club.  The array of colour looks stunning, residents really enjoy spending time outside tending to and sat in our gardens.  

Sarah Celebrates 15 Years Service

We would like to say a huge thank you to one of our long serving carers Sarah.  Sarah joined the team in 2006 and has dedicated 15 years of love and care to Hafan-Y-Coed and our residents. Sarah is a fantastic carer and is thought of highly by staff and residents alike.  Thank you Sarah for your continued dedication and hard work.


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Gentleman's Club

Gentleman's Club is always different but one thing that is consistent is usually there is beer! This week the gents were treated to a delicious fish and chip lunch.  Thank you to our local chippie Migels Fish Bar.  Sat out in the sun it was like everyone was on holiday.  

Belle Honoured

Our night team champion Maria has recently started ‘Thank you for being you’ gifts for the team.  Each month a member of the team will be chosen to receive a hamper of goodies for their efforts. Our first recipient one of our night Care Assistants Belle.  Belle is a valued member of the night team, hardworking and a joy to be around.  She loves to sing for the residents when she is on shift and brings in homemade meals for the staff to enjoy. Thank you for being you Belle!  We all appreciate you.

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Upcoming events

Meet The Manager Saturday 23rd October 2021

Join us on Saturday 23rd October 2021 for our Meet The Manager event. We will welcome you with a tour of Hafan-Y-Coed and an opportunity to meet the General Manager Sarah Morgan.