Meet our Activities Coordinator, Bridie Birrell

Hello, my name is Bridie Birrell and I am the Lifestyle Coordinator here at Friston House. I started working at Friston in February 2019. It is my job to ensure residents are getting an enriched lifestyle and ensure we are providing activities that cater to everyone's needs and interests. I make it my duty to get to know residents on a one-to-one basis so I can find activities that they will enjoy and benefit from.

Activities at Friston House

Our activity coordinators are constantly working to stimulate our residents both mentally and physically by organising group and individual activities for every one within the home to participate in. We have regular outings in our mini bus to various attractions within the area and in the summer we like to take our residents to the seaside, where they can enjoy fish and chips by the beach. Our activity programme is just one of the important aspects of the care home and we try our best to arrange the activities that our residents will enjoy.

Life at Friston House Care Home

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Valentine's Day Crafts

Residents at Friston had great fun in the lead up to Valentine's Day. We decided to decorate stick figures that resembled ourselves! This proved to be great fun for all the residents. We decorated them with googly eyes and gave the stick figures different outfits.


Cards for Loved Ones

We have recently celebrated the National ‘Send a Card to a Friend Day’. Residents enjoyed decorating cards for their loved ones and it proved to be a fun activity. Families will be overjoyed to be thought of.


Christmas Bows

Residents here at Friston love doing arts and crafts. This time we decided to make bows for the residents' doors. The residents helped us to cut out the shapes, colour them in and stick on any stickers they would like. Residents enjoyed a Christmas singalong at the same time, which got them into the Christmas spirit.

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Christmas Creations

Here at Friston, we have been getting creative by making wreaths, having ‘craft parties’ and adding a bit of Christmas festivity wherever we go. We have been choosing the colours we like best and having a go at making them look as decorative as possible. Residents have been working together and helping each other out.

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International Stout Day

With the current goings on in the crazy world we live in, lockdown proved difficult the first time round and, upon gaining the knowledge that there will be a second, us here at Friston wanted to take away the dread of it beginning with a socially distanced pub afternoon, including cocktails, our favourite beers and some great music. Residents had a go at a quiz and sang some old favourites on the karaoke.

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Remembrance Sunday

We have recently commemorated Remembrance Sunday here at Friston House. We decided this year to make our own poppies to display around the home.

In addition to this, we were able to link up to Chatham Evangelical Church and they were happy to send us a service especially designed for our residents here at Friston!

Residents reminisced about their experience of the war and their childhood and spoke about what it was really like to live through a world war.

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