Meet our Activities Coordinator, Bridie Birrell

Hello, my name is Bridie Birrell and I am the Lifestyle Coordinator here at Friston House. I started working at Friston in February 2019. It is my job to ensure residents are getting an enriched lifestyle and ensure we are providing activities that cater to everyone's needs and interests. I make it my duty to get to know residents on a one-to-one basis so I can find activities that they will enjoy and benefit from.

Activities at Friston House

Our activity coordinators are constantly working to stimulate our residents both mentally and physically by organising group and individual activities for every one within the home to participate in. We have regular outings in our mini bus to various attractions within the area and in the summer we like to take our residents to the seaside, where they can enjoy fish and chips by the beach. Our activity programme is just one of the important aspects of the care home and we try our best to arrange the activities that our residents will enjoy.

Life at Friston House Care Home

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Our residents had a great time celebrating ‘National Talk Like a Pirate Day.’

Residents got creative with the help of the activities staff. We coloured in pirate hats, masks and parrots, then cut them out and put them on our head and shoulders.

We had a go at some pirate phrases, which the residents found hilarious and, additionally, listened to all the pirate classics.

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Recycling Week

Residents enjoyed coming together for recycling week, where we made things from recycled items, such as cat food boxes, washing detergent and food boxes. We made tissue boxes for the residents' bedrooms and vases for flowers. Residents picked out the colours and materials they wanted and worked alongside the Lifestyle Coordinator and volunteer, Pauline!

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International Housekeeping Week

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the brilliant housekeeping and laundry staff here at Friston House.

Representing Residents

Our residents had a lovely time electing their Resident Ambassadors for the home.

After much careful consideration, John Edwards and Alice Webb were chosen. They were rewarded with a certificate and photograph pride of place in our main reception. The two of them were feeling very happy. They are looking forward to being spokespersons for the residents here at Friston.

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National Allotment Week

We have been busy for National Allotment Week! We have taken part in flower and vegetable quizzes, planted some seeds and made some flower crafts. 

esidents had great fun planting our basil and oregano seeds and some of our residents even relayed it back to planting flowers in their own garden at home whilst speaking about the different things they had grown.

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Target Ball

Here at Friston we’ve been enjoying some games of Target Ball. Residents enjoyed this game because not only is it fun but also competitive. Everyone wants to be the winner! The game is great for those not only in the communal areas but in bed too!

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.