Meet our Activities Coordinators, Marie Crainey & Eileen Orr

Marie and Eileen are two of our Activity Coordinators.  They have 21 and 20 years-service respectively. Marie has been in the role since joining the company and Eileen recently joined the activity team although she was often involved in social events when working with the housekeeping team. They provide a varied and entertaining schedule for everyone’s taste and needs and enjoy every minute of it.

Activities at Four Hills

Our activity and lifestyle programme is arranged for all our residents to participate in and is updated regularly based on ideas from our residents group during our resident forum. Our Resident of the Day strategy ensures each person receives at least one day each month where the focus is all about them.

We have a monthly concert and to date this is appreciated and enjoyed by most residents. The Four Hills Taverns is open for business every Friday afternoon and is an area where residents and staff socialise, hold pub quizzes and partake in a little refreshment.

The team at Four Hills try hard to meet everyone's needs and encourage all residents and their families to join in the fun.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Four Hills Care Home

The wonderful world of wine

We had a lovely time joining Hospitality Manager, Christophe Noel and special guests Lee Isaacs DipWSET and Nick Parker from Unity Wines and Spirits – as they introduced us to wine tasting techniques, the history of wine and wine making, as well as consumer attitudes.

Our residents had the opportunity to try a variety of wines from sparkling and white to rose and red, alongside a selection of delicious treats. 

It was a wonderful experience, enjoyed by all.   

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Last night of the Proms

We celebrated Last Night of the Proms virtually with members of English National Ballet’s Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Music Director Gavin Sutherland.

We listened and danced along as members of the orchestra took us on a magical, musical journey. English National Ballet Philharmonic is made up of many of the country’s top musicians, and boasts considerable experience in all forms of music-making. With insights and anecdotes into what it takes to conduct an orchestra for a world-class ballet company, this special concert got our feet tapping, arms waving and hearts singing!

It was a wonderful experience, enjoyed by all.

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V&A Dundee virtual exhibition

We had a lovely time joining Becca Clark and James Wylie – members of V&A Dundee’s exhibitions team – as they took us on a virtual tour of the museum’s incredible Scottish Design Galleries.

We were introduced to the wide range of unique objects at the galleries from architecture and engineering, jewellery and textiles to theatre and their fascinating stories.

And we were able to learn more about the importance of all objects in telling the rich and varied history of Scottish design.

It was a lovely talk, enjoyed by all.

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Unit Manager celebrates 20-years long service!

A Unit Manager at Four Hills Care Home in Glasgow has received a prestigious Long Service Award in celebration of working at Barchester Healthcare for twenty years.

Margaret Grandison now Unit Manager, started at Barchester in August 2001 and has worked closely with residents and their relatives to ensure that their needs have been met over the years.

Lindsay McCulloch, General Manager of Four Hills Care Home said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating twenty years of loyal service with Margaret. Margaret has demonstrated her dedication and loyalty to this home and its residents year after year. I speak for all of us here at Four Hills when I say that I’m looking forward to many more years of working with Margaret,”

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Beluga Whale Sanctuary virtual tour

We took a wonderful virtual trip to Iceland and visited the SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary to have an inside look into the daily care of their two resident beluga whales: Little White and Little Grey.

Our residents were introduced to the history of the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and learnt more about its mission to provide a more natural home for belugas in human care with a first-hand look at how the dedicated team are not only caring for the whales, but preparing for their future in the sea sanctuary!

It was an enjoyable event for everyone, learning more about the amazing beluga whales and how they are cared for at the sanctuary.

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Relaxation Day

We spent time unwinding and slowing down through relaxing our minds, bodies and senses in recognition of Relaxation Day.

Our residents enjoyed a relaxing yoga and meditation session, as well as, a wellness and pamper afternoon with treatments of their choice.

We had a discussion about different ways of relaxing and we all enjoyed our chill day.

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