Meet our Activities Coordinators, Marie Crainey & Eileen Orr

Marie and Eileen are two of our Activity Coordinators.  They have 21 and 20 years-service respectively. Marie has been in the role since joining the company and Eileen recently joined the activity team although she was often involved in social events when working with the housekeeping team. They provide a varied and entertaining schedule for everyone’s taste and needs and enjoy every minute of it.

Activities at Four Hills

Our activity and lifestyle programme is arranged for all our residents to participate in and is updated regularly based on ideas from our residents group during our resident forum. Our Resident of the Day strategy ensures each person receives at least one day each month where the focus is all about them.

We have a monthly concert and to date this is appreciated and enjoyed by most residents. The Four Hills Taverns is open for business every Friday afternoon and is an area where residents and staff socialise, hold pub quizzes and partake in a little refreshment.

The team at Four Hills try hard to meet everyone's needs and encourage all residents and their families to join in the fun.

Life at Four Hills Care Home

Residents create Winter wonderland

Residents at Four Hills recently helped to create their very own photo booth as they look at sending to their loved ones with Christmas cards.  Residents had a great time decorating the tree and making the place feel like Christmas as it reminded them of doing it at home.  The Winter wonderland theme has certainly put everyone into the festive spirit!

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Elf Day

At Four hills we loved National Elf day, we loved finding out what mischief our Elves had created before an afternoon of dressing up and watching the film on our brand new cinema screen as residents enjoyed ice cream, nibbles and popcorn.. with one of resident remarking “this was the best cinema experience ever”.

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Creating Christmas decorations

Residents of Four Hills have been busy decorating the home as they countdown to Christmas. Resident, Jean  helped to create bespoke decorations for the homes entry into the Barchester ‘Best dressed tree’ competition.

Residents picked their own designs with Santa’s and Snowmen being firm favourites. Jean even suggested they set up a business to make some money with their winning designs!  It was a wonderful afternoon as everyone shared stories of their favourite Christmas experiences and memories from when they made decorations as children.

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Halloween fun

Staff enjoyed dressing up as part of the homes Halloween celebrations with some Residents getting into the spirit of things by joining in the fun for their socially distanced party.

Residents enjoyed Halloween goodies and had a taste of the homes very own special punch as they shared stories of Halloween past and read some ghostly stories...

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A 'blooming' delivery

It was a 'blooming' afternoon for Resident, Isa Kennedy who enjoyed arranging the beautiful bouquet of flowers that her daughter had arranged to be delivered to cheer her up. Isa was joined by one of the homes activities coordinator as she proudly arranged them.

Isa loves her flowers and she enjoys fresh ones every week as that is what her daughter would do when she was at home. Isa loves the colours and says "it makes a big difference" to how she feels just looking at them..

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Birthday surprise for Resident

Resident, Sarah celebrated her birthday in style surrounded by staff and friends in the home and enjoyed a garden visit with her family.  Sarah had a wonderful day.   Sarah was over the moon with the gifts she received off family and was delighted to blow out the candles on her cake.

Sarah was joined by one of her son's and grandson with a garden visit whilst her other son who lives in Slovakia joined in the celebrations via a zoom call... Sarah doesn’t hear too well so her family had a lovely idea to bring their own amplifier and microphone which was plugged in with earphones ensuring Sarah had a lovely time.  The birthday girl said "It was fantastic to see all her sons together as they never forget to mark her birthday"

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