Meet our Activities Coordinators, Marie Crainey & Eileen Orr

Marie and Eileen are two of our Activity Coordinators.  They have 21 and 20 years-service respectively. Marie has been in the role since joining the company and Eileen recently joined the activity team although she was often involved in social events when working with the housekeeping team. They provide a varied and entertaining schedule for everyone’s taste and needs and enjoy every minute of it.

Activities at Four Hills

Our activity and lifestyle programme is arranged for all our residents to participate in and is updated regularly based on ideas from our residents group during our resident forum. Our Resident of the Day strategy ensures each person receives at least one day each month where the focus is all about them.

We have a monthly concert and to date this is appreciated and enjoyed by most residents. The Four Hills Taverns is open for business every Friday afternoon and is an area where residents and staff socialise, hold pub quizzes and partake in a little refreshment.

The team at Four Hills try hard to meet everyone's needs and encourage all residents and their families to join in the fun.

Life at Four Hills Care Home


After almost 25 years of continuous service at Four Hills in Glasgow, much-loved General Manager, Gillian has decided to retire.

Staff and residents at the home sent Gillian off in style with Bacardi, tea, coffee and presents to thank her for many years of dedication / a huge party with lots of singing and dancing, whilst maintaining social distancing. Everyone at the home has very fond memories of Gillian and she will be sadly missed.

During her time at Four Hills, Gillian has worked her way through the admin team to become General Manager, she set out to make a difference, always ensuring it was never about the role and always the goal!

Our resident ambassador Rose Rooney said, “Gillian is a very good manager, extremely capable, lovely to do the interviews with her and enjoyed doing them. I wish her a long and happy retirement”

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Mocktail hour

Mocktails were on the menu at Four Hills as Residents enjoyed a glass of their favourite tipple. Residents at the home enjoyed a selection of drinks from the homes drinks trolley which regularly does the rounds throughout the home. 

Drinks were available at a ‘Mocktail Bar’ throughout the day, which included a choice of different holiday cocktails as well as the option to try different types of fruit teas. There were also platters of fruit available for residents to snack on.

The homes Activities team said “One of the best sources of water is from fruit, so we have packed lots into our fabulous mocktails. We always offer plenty of drinks and fresh fruit to our residents but wanted to do something a bit different this week. They’ve loved trying all the different mocktails, smoothies and fruit juices that we’ve offered this week"

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A Sunny Afternoon

We’ve been able to relax in our lovely gardens and take advantage of the glorious weather this week here at Four Hills. It's great to feel the sun on our faces and check in with the progress of all our colourful plants and flowers. Our sunny afternoon was topped off with juice and pizza for all!

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Sweet Treats

Residents and colleagues were delighted to receive some sweet treats from their local Poundland store. Everyone will be able to enjoy a number of delicious treats thanks to the generosity of Pauline, Emma and Eddie from Poundland on Argyle Street in Glasgow, who kindly dropped them off at the home.  

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VE Day Celebrations

Residents of Four Hills celebrated VE Day with a traditional tea party to commemorate 75 years since the end of the Second World War.

Staff and residents at Four Hills, along with people all over the UK, joined together for the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’. In light of the current situation, rather than celebrating with street parties, at 3pm on May 8th, the country was encouraged to mark the day with a nationwide toast, paying tribute to the many millions at home and abroad who sacrificed so much to ensure we all enjoy and share the freedom we have today.

Residents also celebrated the occasion by painting the home red, white and blue with Union Jacks, watching virtual entertainment and enjoying a good old singalong to war time songs before tucking into a delicious selection of food that was on offer.

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Embracing Technology

Residents at Four Hills have been busy keeping in touch with their loved ones by sharing personal messages on postcards. They have also had great fun posing for pictures with our love message board. Residents have also been making use of Skype and FaceTime so that they can video call their relatives.

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.