Meet our Activities Coordinators, Marie Crainey & Eileen Orr

Marie and Eileen are two of our Activity Coordinators.  They have 21 and 20 years-service respectively. Marie has been in the role since joining the company and Eileen recently joined the activity team although she was often involved in social events when working with the housekeeping team. They provide a varied and entertaining schedule for everyone’s taste and needs and enjoy every minute of it.

Activities at Four Hills

Our activity and lifestyle programme is arranged for all our residents to participate in and is updated regularly based on ideas from our residents group during our resident forum. Our Resident of the Day strategy ensures each person receives at least one day each month where the focus is all about them.

We have a monthly concert and to date this is appreciated and enjoyed by most residents. The Four Hills Taverns is open for business every Friday afternoon and is an area where residents and staff socialise, hold pub quizzes and partake in a little refreshment.

The team at Four Hills try hard to meet everyone's needs and encourage all residents and their families to join in the fun.

Life at Four Hills Care Home

Residents enjoy virtual event

We had a lovely time joining the team from Hereford Cathedral for an exciting virtual session.

We enjoyed a glimpse of this spectacular building and its treasures in a series of short pre-recorded videos. From the stunning gardens which lead down to the River Wye, to the Mappa Mundi and Chained Library.

It was wonderful to learn more about the history and beauty of Hereford Cathedral.

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Knowsley Safari Park

Here at Four Hills in Glasgow we were pleased to be able to dive into the wild safari life of Knowsley Safari and to enjoy an amazing live stream tour of the park’s grounds.

Our residents were smiling and laughing as they got up close and personal with some of the safari’s most popular animals, including giraffes and meerkats and much more!

We had a wonderful time learning more about the animals and enjoying some live feeding demonstrations. 

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Floristry demo with Blooming Haus

Here at Four Hills in Glasgow we were delighted to spend time creating a beautiful floral masterpiece to enter the #BloomingBarchester competition in partnership with Blooming Haus following their amazing virtual flower arranging masterclass. 

We all had a wonderful time decorating and working on our arrangement and we are happy to say we were impressed with our skills in applying all the tips and ideas learnt during the class to make a colourful floral design.

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Sewing club with local school

Residents at Four Hills are still enjoying working together with the local school Highpark Primary sewing group.

The children sent us in sewing packs of pre-cut squares, needles, thread and instructions. Some residents made theirs into purses and some made spectacle cases. We find this is a great way to keep the residents and the children to still work together during the pandemic..

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Baking Club - chocolaty treats!

Four Hills baking club is always a crowd pleaser. Residents this week made a delicious chocolate cake and a red velvet cake. Isa hasn’t baked for a long time and said ‘it was great to get back into it and lovely for her to be able to provide nice treats for other residents and staff’

Fruity Fridays!

There is always plenty of fresh fruit for residents to enjoy throughout the day and Residents of Four Hills look their fruity Friday morning breakfasts. Along with the daily breakfast menu Friday is fast becoming known as Fruity Friday when the homes hospitality team prepare platters of delicious seasonal fresh fruit for residents to enjoy.

Residents are very much enjoying sampling the different tastes and textures while enjoying a leisurely chats with their dining companions in their social bubbles.

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Upcoming events

June 2021

Our residents are looking forward to June's fun - take a peek at our Life Enrichment programme highlights.