Meet the Collingtree Park Care Home Team

Our trained team of professionals work together to create the best possible experience for those living in the home, striving to deliver excellent care services in a warm, homely environment. You can find out more about some of our wonderful staff members below:

Tomasz Grabowski

General Manager

Hello. I am Tomasz, the General Manager at Collingtree Park Care Home. I have experience in the care home sector as well as hospitality and customer service and am delighted to use all my skills to provide a welcoming, homely and caring environment at our home.

I am committed to making sure Collingtree Park provides all residents with a high quality lifestyle, great support from our care teams and a wide range of daily activities, entertainment and social occasions with something for everyone.

Head Chef

Jennifer Briggs

Head Chef

Hello, I’m Jennifer the Head Chef at Collingtree Park care home. I have been in the Care Home sector for the past 3 years and working in hospitality for 27 years. I enjoy cooking, entertaining and hospitality and have had the opportunity to travel the world with my job. Cooking is a real passion of mine and being able to make and refine dishes to suit different tastes and needs.

My day involves speaking to the residents and finding out their favourite foods and recreating all their happiest memories. Food nutrition is a very important part of the day in a care home and it’s essential to get it right. It gives me great pleasure to see the joy on our residents faces as they enjoy our cuisine. The kitchen team love to share ideas to constantly keep up with the latest trends to produce some appetising dishes. Getting the right balance is a must! One of my specialities is homemade sweets and treats and I like to express this every day on our morning and afternoon tea trolley.

Nikki Allen

Deputy Manager

Hello. I'm Nikki and I have worked at Collingtree Park since 2014, which mean I know our residents and team members really well. I am proud to be part of a home that delivers care based on each person's individual needs, and provides support with respect and dignity. I work very closely with the General Manager and Team Leaders to ensure our home's high standards are maintained. We get to know each person's interests, likes, dislikes, and their support needs, so we can make each day as good as it can be. I encourage residents to socialise together and take part in activities, but I also recognise that people appreciate some time on their own or doing a one-to-one activity with a member of staff, such as reading. I always enjoy getting to know new residents and their families.

Skye Summerton

Activities Coordinator

Hello, my name is Skye and I'm the Activities Coordinator here at Collingtree Park care home. My role is to enrich the lives of our residents by providing stimulating and person-centred activities. We offer something for everyone, including arts and crafts, games and live entertainment including visits to places of interest in the local area. I love to provide one-to-one time and sensory activities with residents who need a little more support.

Getting to know our residents better is so important, and through regular meetings with family and friends I can gain a greater understanding of their loved ones' interests and life prior to joining the Collingtree Park community.

We are an animal friendly care home with a resident cat called 'Bella' and daily visits from our residents' family dogs. We understand the power of PET Therapy and welcome animals of all sizes from mini beasts to the quarterly Alpaca visits a local farm.

We are always open to new ideas. If you would like to get involved in any of our Life Enrichment activities or have a skill, or project you'd like to share with our residents, please click here to contact me direct. New entertainers and community links are always welcome.

Simon Varadi

Maintenance Manager

Hello. I am Simon. I joined the Collingtree Park team as a Maintenance Assistant in 2014 and was soon promoted to Head of Maintenance. My main responsibility is to keep the home in full working order. I ensure the décor, furniture and equipment are always attractive, comfortable and safe. I carry out inspections and safety drills to comply with Barchester and statutory policies for equipment and the whole home environment. I manage the maintenance and gardening team and liaise with external contractors. I support residents and families in personalising their bedrooms by putting up pictures and arranging furniture, especially for new residents. In my spare time, I enjoy watching and playing football, swimming and cycling.

Hellina Watford

Head of Housekeeping

Hello! I am Hellina and I joined Collingtree Park Care Home in 2022 as Head of Housekeeping. My goal is to make sure the Housekeeping Team keeps our whole home clean, safe and comfortable. We get to know residents really well as we clean their rooms daily. We make sure we arrange everyone's room and personal items just how they like them.

Yvette Bradley

Administration Assistant

Hello! I am Yvette and I have been part of the the Collingtree Park team since 2019 - first as an Activities Coordinator and now as Receptionist and Administration Assistant. I really enjoy showing our beautiful home to people looking for care and providing excellent service to residents, their families and visitors. You will usually find me at the reception desk where I enjoy being the face of the home, meeting and greeting all our visitors.

Pamela Bailey

Resident Ambassador

Hello. I'm Pamela, the Resident Ambassador at Collingtree Park. I was chosen by other residents to represent them and pass on their comments to management. I enjoy this responsibility and attend all the Residents' Meetings.

Alfie Sales

Senior Care Assistant

Hello. I'm Alfie and I have worked at Collingtree Park since 2019. I am devoted to ensuring we provide premium care to residents here. Since becoming part of the Collingtree Park team I have had lots of training and have been promoted to Senior Care Assistant. I aim to make every day comfortable, fulfilling and sociable, working closely with my colleagues in the Activities Team so residents can take part in crafts and entertainment.

Lindsay Bracken

Senior Care Assistant

Hello, I'm Lindsay. I have worked at Collingtree Park Care Home since 2013 specialising in dementia care in our memory lane community. I work closely with colleagues to ensure we all provide the individual care and interaction each resident needs. We talk to them, offer sensory activities such as hand massages, and reminisce about people and places of interest to them. I am a creative and energetic person and bring that to work with me to create a positive environment for residents, their families and visitors.

Second Chef

Tamara Mano

Second Chef

Hello. I am Tamara, Second Chef at Collingtree Park. I have always loved cooking for myself and have developed my career in food since coming from Greece to the UK.

Collingtree Park feels like a big family - I cook with love, as I would for my own family. I research recipes online and try them at home to get them just right for our residents. I like cooking main courses, making them attractive, hearty and full of flavour. I am already working on menus for next season.

I can adapt any of my recipes for people with allergies or swallowing difficulties, so they can enjoy the same flavours as everyone else. I also make cakes and other treats for birthdays and events.

Resident Pet



Bella came to us of her own accord in 2019 and decided to stay. We all love her - she is gentle, friendly, clean and knows who likes her and who isn't so keen on cats. She mostly does her own thing, wanders around the home and garden, rolls on her back and likes a tummy tickle. She is an important member of the Collingtree team.