Activities Coordinator

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Jo-Anne Hennessy

Hello my name is Jo-Anne, I'm the Lead Activities coordinator here at Cherry Trees Care Home. I have been working in the care industry for around 20 years. I've been at Cherry Trees since 2017 as a Senior Carer on Memory Lane and Young at Heart. I have built up lovely relationships with both the residents and their families. I am very passionate about activities because I love seeing the joy it brings on residents faces.

My goal is to help the residents in the home live life to the full.

We provide a range of activities to cover all abilities at Cherry Trees and welcome any suggestions you may have to help improve our residents lives, please feel free to come and see me at any time with your ideas and suggestions. I look forward to meeting you.

Activities at Cherry Trees

Our activities team are constantly striving to mentally and physically stimulate those we support by organising group and individual social events for anyone and everyone to participate in. There are regular outings in the minibus to nearby places of interest, including the local theatre, as well as visits from Pat dogs, musicians and entertainers. We also host bingo, quiz and knitter natter afternoons that we encourage relatives and the local community to attend. Our Gentleman's Club is also open to non-residents every Thursday afternoon from 2:30pm, join us for a tipple of your choice, we have plenty of snacks and chats. For the ladies, our beauty salon provides; hairdressing and nail pampering, you too can enjoy a drink and some well-deserved 'me' time. Activities are one of the most important aspects of a care home, so it is essential that our team are dedicated to ensuring that residents are entertained, and that life at Cherry Trees is fun and active.

Life at Cherry Trees Care Home

Virtual Dog Show

 We held our first ever virtual pet show to celebrate National Dog Day. Our residents had an amazing time looking though all the pictures and reminiscing about their own pets.

We had entries from the community, staff and their families, relatives and friends of our residents, who were all eager to show off their pets.

This event was so popular we are already being asked to hold it again by both residents and staff. We had 4 winners in the end.

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Book Lovers Day

Today we celebrated Book Lovers day, we aimed the day around the book "Little ride riding hood". There was 5 sensory inputs in the all-day activity; smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing. We baked some chocolate chip cupcakes and sliced up some fruit in the morning for the picnic (as in the story) then in the afternoon the residents enjoyed tucking into their food while listening to the "little red riding hood" story on audio in the library of the home with a display of other books and old magazines and newspapers which they enjoyed looking at.

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Spanish themed day

Today our destination is Spain! We all got our party clothes on and flowers in our hair and enjoyed a Spanish party in the Cherry Trees garden with Spanish music, tapas and décor. Our residents enjoyed tasting the various spicy cold meats, olives and cheese selection. The strong flavours and textures were ‘interesting’ as one resident mentioned whilst trying a stuffed olive!

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Friendship Day

What an enjoyable day! Everyone got involved in paper chain making, with coloured paper to represent their function within the home; green for carers, blue for nurses, red for residents, orange for management team etc. Many wrote a little message or quote on their loop to express their thoughts on the Cherry Trees friends they have made. The chains decorated our court yard whilst we sat together for afternoon and ice cream. Earlier in the day the residents handmade friendship bracelets for one another and staff.

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Micro Gardening Cress

Our Memory Lane residents have been exploring the amazing fast growing properties of 'cress'. They spent time making soil containers from old plastic bottles and decorating them as faces before planting a layer of cress seeds. The group decided to place the heads on our balcony to water and enjoy watching them grow. Over the next few days the seeds grew into a luscious head of green cress hair giving them a real sense of achievement and a good giggle.

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Mindfulness Art Books

One of our residents; Rosina has been spending her time skilfully colouring these fabulous ‘mindfulness’ books. We think she's that good we have created an art portfolio for her work. We showed her family during a garden visit, and they were very impressed and pleased how well Rosina has settled into her new home at Cherry Trees. Rosina joins in with most of the activities that take place in the home, and is certainly continuing an enriched life with us.

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.