Meet our Activities Coordinator, Catrin Harris

Hi, my name is Catrin, and I am the Activities Coordinator here at Brookfield.  I joined the team in December 2020.

I love working with our Residents here at the home and getting to them and their families so that I can deliver and support in meaningful activities, keeping them socially stimulated and active as part of our extensive life enrichment calendar. The lifestyle and continued community links is important.

Activities at Brookfield

Our Activities coordinator dedicates her time on getting feedback from our residents of what they like to do. We have introduced paper mornings which involves group discussions and an active mind, and we also have a variety of entertainers that come in on a weekly basis. We hold a residents quiz once a week as it is one of our more popular activities, we now call it the Big Quiz due to its popularity.

It is important that we involve the community and family in many of our activities. We have the local rugby club heritage centre coming in once a week to do Bocci (indoor bowls) and seated exercise. We also hold cheese and wine evenings for family and residents which are very popular. Here at Brookfield we pride ourselves on the fabulous bond our activity coordinator has with all our residents as they are as happy to see her each morning as she is to see her friends.

Life at Brookfield Care Home


Hearts for schools

Residents of Brookfield have been busy creating colourful artwork to share to the children of local schools as part of the ‘Hearts for Schools’ initiative,  Iris was delighted to pose with her finished design.


Home glows for festival of light

Residents at Brookfield had a radiant day as they marked the start of the Hindu festival of Diwali, popularly known as the ‘festival of lights’.

Residents helped with the making, decorating and lighting of ‘deepa’, small clay filled lamps lit to signify the triumph of good over evil. It was a colourful day as the variety of home-made candle designs gave the home a beam of rainbow light.

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Gifts from local nursery

Residents have been delighted to receive letters, poems and gifts from the children at their local nursery as part of the homes intergenerational links with the community.  The children have also shared gifts which has touched residents for their generosity.  Residents have enjoyed readying through the children’s letters, loved the gifts and poems which have been sent in to the home.

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Community act of Kindness

Staff and residents at Brookfield Care home had a great time spreading the love on World Kindness Day, which was celebrated on 13th November 2020.

Everyone really got into the spirit of things, making lots of kind gestures, such as holding the door open for those behind you, bringing in treats for residents and colleagues.  They were also delighted to receive an act of kindness from the children at Kids Planet Nursery who delivered chocolates and colourful pictures for the Residents. Being nice and helping others makes for a much more pleasant environment, no matter where you are and, remember, it doesn’t cost a thing!

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Halloween fun

Residents enjoyed some Halloween fun with pumpkin carving and dressing for the occasion with their witchy hats and spooky treats.  Sarah Nolan, General Manager said "We have all had a great time celebrating Halloween at the home and in the lead up everyone joined a traditional pumpkin carving session which has been keeping care home residents busy this Halloween.

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Residents enjoy a spot of dominoes

Residents enjoy a game of dominos at Brookfield as part of their popular games afternoons. A number of residents at Brookfield Care Home had a great time playing a game of dominos with each other and squeezed in a quick natter and a cuppa in between games.  Everyone had fun as they showed a little friendly competition each game!

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Upcoming events

Tea and a Tour

Tea and a Tour

Our General Manager and team would like to welcome you for tea and a tour of our home.