Activities at Boroughbridge Manor Care Home

Activities are the cornerstone of a wholesome home experience, and our Activities Coordinators are always putting their creative minds to the test by organising new and exciting social events for residents to partake in. Of course, we take into account the likes and dislikes of those we support, so if someone doesn’t feel like trying something new, there will always be something on offer to reflect their personal interests. For the people who may just prefer some peace and quiet instead, we also offer one-to-one time that can be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or just a simple chat – whatever they desire.

Enriching life
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Shelbie Taylor

Head of Activities

Hi my name is Shelbie, I have recently been promoted to Head of Activities here at Boroughbridge Manor.

I have worked at Boroughbridge Manor for 7 years, I love making our residents smile. I get great satisfaction knowing I have made someone’s day better!

Myself, Leoni and Suzanne have created a wonderful culture within Boroughbridge Manor and we work together to give our residents the best possible experiences.

We are here to ensure that residents enjoy an environment that is both stimulating and socially active. We ensure the team knows each residents' preferences, so that we can deliver a person-centred program of events and activities. We are extremely fortunate to have our very own minibus, we love taking the residents out for coffee, shopping and lots of fun trips out whether that be to the museum or the seaside.

Life-encriching activities booklet

Read our brochure 'Life-enriching activities' for more information about life in our care homes.
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Boroughbridge Manor Care Home

Couple celebrate 63-years wedded bliss

A couple have celebrated 63 years of marriage. Cyril and Eileen married at St. Mary’s Church, Cottonstones on 8th July 1961 and have enjoyed a wonderful life together ever since.

Attending the wedding 63 years ago were both Cyril and Eileen’s parents and all of their siblings. Cyril can recall the morning of the wedding, where he stood waiting for Eileen at the church for a little longer than he had expected. Eileen’s father had an old Rolls Royce that he wished to take Eileen to church in, however on the way to the ceremony the car overheated and broke down, leaving those at the church wondering where Eileen was until a message eventually got over to them! They went on to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon together in the Isle of Man and later had 3 children together

Foundation Cook Off

Staff and residents are celebrating because their wonderful Managing Director, Fiona Fagan, from Barchester’s North East and Scotland Division, has stepped completely out of her comfort zone to compete in the Barchester Charitable Foundation Cook Off 2024.

Fiona went head-to-head with the Managing Directors from Barchester’s four other divisions and cooked up a storm to raise a phenomenal £24,595 for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation which helps connect vulnerable people and those living with a disability to community groups in their local area by providing grants to improve mobility and quality of life.  Each year the Foundation distributes thousands of pounds to individuals, small community groups and charities across England, Scotland and Wales.  

Resident realises dream

Resident, Hetty recently turned 104 years old and had always wanted to revisit Knaresborough castle grounds, so to keep her memories alive the activity staff at the home made her wish a reality proving the old adage, it’s never too late.

Hetty has lived at Boroughbridge Manor for 2 years and is loved by staff and residents alike. The staff at the home were delighted to be a part of making her dream come true, as they knew how much it meant to her, and they wanted to be there to see the smile on Hetty’s face when her dream was realised.

104-years young celebrations

Celebrations have been in full swing at Boroughbridge as one of its residents celebrates her 104th birthday in style. Hetty was joined by staff, relatives, friends and other residents as she celebrated her landmark birthday. A ‘Glow Disco’ was held at the home and guests enjoyed a party with music provided by Rebekah Austin and a special birthday cake made by the home’s chef.

Hetty has spent many years of her life living in Knaresborough, before coming to Boroughbridge Manor Care home 2 years ago, where she is now enjoying a new chapter of her life.

Exploring the Eden Project

Residents across our homes had a fantastic time exploring the Eden Project virtually - an educational charity and visitor attraction based in Cornwall, featuring sprawling outdoor gardens and breathtaking biomes that house the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

During the session, residents who joined were reconnected with nature through their senses, memories and stories.  A big thank you to the community team at the Eden Project for the wonderful event.

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Get Barchester moving!

This month we took part in the ‘GetBarchesterMoving’ campaign to raise awareness for Barchester's Charitable Foundation. We had a busy week doing some fun, gentle exercises throughout the home.Upstairs we decided it was time to shake our shoulders off as we enjoyed some parachute games together! Along to some of our favourite music, the aim was to each get the ball through the centre of the moving parachute!

By the end of the session Lucy told me “that’s done me the world of good, exercise without even realising!” Up on our memory lane community we had a competitive afternoon of ball games! Who knew there could be so much fun in exercise!

Upcoming events


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Volunteers - Could you make a difference?

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