Meet our Activities Coordinator, Justyna Bartyska

Hi, my name is Justyna  and I am the activities coordinator here at Bluebell Park. I have worked for Barchester Healthcare since 2015.  I am very passionate about working with the elderly and keeping them as active as possible.

My creative side helps me prepare an interesting and full activity programme which benefits the residents and family and friends. Seeing a smile on their faces brings me joy and motivates me every day.

Activities at Bluebell Park

Here at Bluebell Park our aim is to enrich the lives of our residents, through group, and individual activities.

We have a wide range of activities designed to mentally, and physically stimulate the people we care for, including regular trips out in the mini bus, and taking part in the community led events that happen in the village we live in. We hold monthly resident meetings so our planning reflects their wishes, and requests, for example we now hold a regular bingo club (which residents families love to attend) and a bowling afternoon which the gentlemen here particularly enjoy. Entertainers and musicians regularly come into the home and families and friends are always welcome to attend too.

Activities are one of the most important aspects of our care home, and we strive to have a full range on offer. Our team here at Bluebell are dedicated to ensuring our residents enjoy, and get as much out of our entertainment as possible. It is without a doubt our mission is to make sure that life at Bluebell is active, fun, and most of all happy.

Life at Bluebell Park Care Home

Hearts for Homes

Residents of Bluebell Park were delighted to receive a lovely surprise from the pupils at their local school who have participated in the ‘Hearts for Homes’ initiative.  Their heart-warming wishes to all the residents uplifted their spirits despite the continuing pandemic.  Residents are going to be busy writing and sharing back. 

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Do you want to build a snowman?

Whilst watching the snow fall, residents in the home asked to go outside despite the cold and soon were creating a masterpiece with the snow – a snowman for all to see from the homes windows!  Residents had wrapped up warm and were enjoying the fresh air despite the cold.  Conversations soon turned to the fun they had enjoyed as children with snow ball fights and sledging on any slope they could find.  Once back inside everyone enjoyed a warming drink as they said they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience

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Residents get pampered

Residents at Bluebell recently enjoyed a beauty day at the home courtesy of the homes administration assistant, Petrina who treated the residents to hairstyling and beauty treatments. Petrina is a former hairdresser and delighted the ladies with a little pampering and beatify as they counted down to Christmas.

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Nativity Scene

Residents and staff were involved in building our very own nativity scene here at Bluebell Park. It is a lovely sight for people as they approach the home.

Christmas Donation

We have received a lovely Christmas donation for our staff and residents from our local Sainsbury's. Thank you!

Getting ready for Christmas

Residents and colleagues at Bluebell Park are busy getting into the festive spirit as they get creative by making DIY festive decorations. The homes new friend ‘Gnom’ is proudly welcoming everyone at the main entrance to Bluebell Park.