Meet our Activities Coordinator, Kim Pimbley

Hi, my name is Kim and I’m the Activities Coordinator at Appletree Grange, previous to being an Activities Coordinator I was a Carer her for over 7 years. I enjoy my role and I have some great ideas for events, entertainers and daily activities within the home to help stimulate all the residents.

Myself and the residents have regular sit downs to discuss new challenges we would like to take on and to get everyone’s ideas on what they would like to do to make sure there is something for everyone and to tailor my activities to each individuals interests.

Activities at Appletree Grange

Our Activities Coordinator is constantly arranging new activities to stimulate and catch the imagination of our residents. From visiting entertainers to a regular craft table to outings on the minibus, there is always something for our residents to keep them entertained. Our Activities Coordinator also takes the time to sit with each resident and go through a life history so they get to know what the likes and dislikes of each individual are and can tailor the activities to suit them. A monthly residents meeting is held to get the views of the residents and to get suggestions from them and their families about what they would like to do and everything that can be done to accommodate their requests is done.

Life at Appletree Grange Care Home

Salvation Donation

Staff were all chuffed to receive a bag of hand cream and sun lotion from the Salvation Army. There were enough bags for every member of staff. A huge thanks to them all!

Tile Painting

Here are the budding artists at Appletree Grange trying their hands at tile painting.

Letters of Kindness

Residents of Appletree were delighted to receive some beautiful handmade letters, cards and flowers from members of their local community. The residents loved reading the messages in the cards and have displayed them proudly in our home.

Social isolation will only increase due to the ever-developing Coronavirus outbreak. We, the residents and staff of Appletree, would like to help prevent this in any way they can, so we are looking for pen pals of all ages!  The aim is to help individuals in the home and local community to feel connected during this difficult time. If you can, send your cards and letters directly to the home or email

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Postcards of Kindness

Some very kind people have posted cards and postcards to residents here to help cheer everyone up!

Mother's Day Messages

As it has been a while since some residents have had any contact with their loved ones, we decided to make some of our own messages to be photographed, placed onto a card and sent to families in time for Mother's Day.

Art Class

What a strange start to the month, no visitors but we still had fun and made the best of our time. We were going to make decorations for St Patrick's day, but residents found it much more fun to enjoy making anything they wanted to with the art materials.

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.