Meet our Activities Coordinator, Penny Allen

Hello, my name is Penny and I am the lead activities co-ordinator here at Alice Grange. I have been working in the care industry for over 7 years now. I started as a support worker but have specialised in activities over 4 years ago. I am very passionate about activities because I love seeing the joy it brings on resident’s faces. My goal is to help the residents in our home live life to the full. In order to be able to do this, it is so important for me to build relationships with both the residents and the families and learn more about those living in our home.

We have a range of activities on offer at Alice Grange, but if you ever have any questions or suggestions then please come and see me!

Activities at our home

Activities are an integral part of life at our care home. We want to ensure that the people we support have as much fun as possible during their time with us, so it’s important that our activities programme is created with the interests of residents in mind. Our skilled Activities Coordinators bring a certain uniqueness to the home that can’t be found anywhere else, and which is reflected in the activities they organise.

Life at Alice Grange Care Home

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Pancake Day!

Residents and staff at Alice Grange had a flipping great time on Pancake Day!

We held a pancake flipping contest which became very competitive! The mistakes and drops were applauded as much as the successful catches. The kitchen team also produced some fantastic pancakes for all to enjoy. 

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National Bread Day

This week we made the most of National Bread Day with some wonderful donations by The Cake Shop Bakery of Woodbridge.

Residents tried a dozen types of bread including spelt, sourdough, ale and classic farmhouse. We tried several recipes to create our own bread with great successes. Topped off with some wonderful bread pudding creations from our kitchen team.

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Bring & Browse Lounge

Bring And Browse Lounge. Can You Help?

We now have a Bring & Browse Lounge at Alice Grange. This quiet lounge on our second floor has been set up to for residents to drop in and browse through a collection of books, magazines, newspapers and activity booklets. There is also a selection of confectionery and postcards for the residents to enjoy. Residents can also bring and donate any magazines, books or newspaper they have finished with.

This lounge is quickly becoming a central part of the community at Alice Grange in a way somewhere between the village library and corner shop. Providing a space for residents to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking for donations of books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines (particularly hobby/craft publications) and activity booklets (Sudoku, Word searches, Crosswords, quizzes) along with confectionery.

If you have anything that you can donate please contact

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Armchair Exercises For Residents And Staff

Professionally led armchair exercises allow everyone to join in with gentle techniques to stay fit, healthy and limber. Staff always join in with these sessions, together we will prevent the lockdown from slowing us down. 

Our carers and nurses make sure that residents are able to participate to the best of their abilities and enjoy themselves at the same time. 

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Longleat Safari Tour

This week we have been enjoying and learning on a virtual tour of Longleat Safari Park.

The guided tour included information on many of the 1200 animals that live here and followed the drive-through route through the Safari Park.

The journey began amongst the giraffe and zebra of the East Africa Reserve, before heading into the notorious Monkey Drive Through. We also enjoyed close encounters with Longleat's big cats, rhinos, camels, ostriches, flamingos, vultures and antelope.

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Interactive Table Fun

Our interactive table is used all over the home for a variety of entertainment and communication purposes.

From playing word games, to video calling loved ones, to streaming music concerts, our interactive table can be used by every resident. As it is transportable it can be taken into bedrooms for those wanting a private chat with family or it can be used to play a film that can be enjoyed by all in one of our lounges.

In the near future we are also going to be getting a Magic Table which is an interactive light projector which has a range of features and games to promote social interaction, dexterity and communication.

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