Is the pension boost enough?

Is the pension boost enough?

Following the £5.30 weekly boost to state pensions that came into force yesterday (April 10th), people may be asking if the increase is enough.

David Cameron has claimed that the move highlights the government's "commitment to older people", however he has come under heavy criticism for the provisions for older adults laid down in the 2012 Budget.

Among those pressing the government for changes to the way the UK approaches pensions is shadow treasury minister Chris Leslie.

"'For all David Cameron's boasts, the state pension is simply keeping up with the high inflation his Government has delivered," he said.

High among those measures from the government that have been condemned is the phasing out of age-related allowances.

It is thought that by limiting the amount of money older adults can access they could be facing poverty.

Nonetheless, Mr Cameron has asserted: "I know these are difficult times - but my promise to pensioners is that we are on your side."

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