Patients 'should exercise soon after heart attack'

Patients 'should exercise soon after heart attack'

Exercising after a heart attack promotes a favourable outcome in stable patients, research has shown, indicating that some people looking to find a care home may also want to keep fit.

Scientists at the University of Alberta revealed that stable patients who have had a heart attack reaped more benefits from exercise when starting one week after a heart attack.

Moreover, it was found that for every week patients waited after the cardiovascular event to begin exercising, they would need to train for an extra month to gain the same benefits.

Co-author Mark Haykowsky said: "While it's been shown that exercise has a favourable effect on heart function, it's also important to dispel the idea that what the heart needs is rest."

This follows news that dangerous blood pressure rises during exercise can be prevented, according to research conducted at the University of Texas, meaning that older people may be able to exercise without the worry of hypertension.

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