Oxfordshire village aims to be dementia-friendly

Oxfordshire village aims to be dementia-friendly

An Oxfordshire village is hoping to become dementia-friendly by starting a monthly group for those with the condition, as well as their carers.

According to the Banbury Guardian, the village of Bodicote to the south of Banbury is benefitting from the work of a new group that aims to raise awareness of dementia, and how to treat people who have it.

Known as the Bodicote Friday Group, this collection of villagers formed approximately six months ago, when one of the members read a leaflet on dementia.

"We have been steered in the right direction by the local council and Age UK who have put us in touch with the right people. And we have had visits from various experts who have come to explain dementia, how to understand it, recognise it and the difference between that and just 'getting older'," chairman of the group Ann Parsons told the publication.

Indeed, dementia is not a condition in its own right. Rather, it is used to describe a group of systems, such as confusion and memory, which can be caused by illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease - the most common cause of dementia - and vascular dementia. 

This month's Friday Group will include tea, biscuits, games and plenty of opportunities to chat.

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