Older people 'should exercise in groups'

Older people 'should exercise in groups'

Older adults looking to improve their health, potentially lessening their need for respite care, may enjoy exercising as part of a group.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has said that senior citizens should think about taking part in group exercise as it is more enjoyable.

Vicky Johnston from the organisation recommended that older people check with their local councils, newspapers and notice boards to see if any exercise classes are taking place near them.

"Even small improvements in strength can have a marked impact on someone's ability to maintain or regain independence," she pointed out.

This advice follows research from the University of Michigan which revealed that adults can combat the muscle loss that comes with ageing through resistance training.

It was found that the ability to stand up out of a chair, walk across the floor and climb stairs were improved in older people who undertook the training.

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