Older people 'missing out on heat aid'

Older people 'missing out on heat aid'

Millions of older people who have chosen not to find a care home, are missing out on help with their energy bills, according to a survey.

Only 12 per cent of households eligible for free insulation grants and reduced tariffs actually claim them, research commissioned by Home Heat Helpline found.

Almost half of people who had not claimed said they thought this was because the help was not intended for "people like me" with 64 per cent of people saying that they either did not think they qualified or were unsure.

With the UK currently experiencing extensive snowfall, Home Heat Helpline and Age UK have urged those eligible to take advantage.

Mervyn Kohler, of Age UK, said: "You may not think of yourself as being eligible, but one in five of you are, and it's well worth a quick phone call to find out what's on offer from the energy suppliers - for free."

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