Older people 'can inspire fitness in the young'

Older people 'can inspire fitness in the young'

It is important for older people to consider their health and fitness a priority, as their attitude can influence younger generations, according to an expert.

Lucy Case from the Body Fitness Company explained that senior citizens shouldn't underestimate their ability when it comes to staying active.

She said: "In turn this will set a good example to the 30-40 age range, who may feel inspired to redress their health attitudes seeing older folks really vibrant and active."

Ms Case added: "The much younger generation may not be so aware as it must seem so far away to them, and in a way, the message must be reiterated to this group that health at all ages matters."

Figures recently released by the Department of Health have shown that boys born between 2008 and 2010 can now look forward to an average life expectancy of around 78 years. This extends to 82 for girls.

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