Older adults' body satisfaction 'increases with exercise'

Older adults' body satisfaction 'increases with exercise'

Physical activity increases satisfaction of body appearance and function in older adults, who could be looking to find a care home, a new study indicates.

Research from Baylor University found that while older men and women have differing opinions about their bodies, physical activity improves satisfaction in both sexes.

It was also found that as people age, more focus is placed on body functionality rather than appearance - with this trend more prevalent in women.

Furthermore, programs successful at increasing physical activity participation among older adults were seen to decrease the risk of many chronic diseases and increase overall body satisfaction.

Study author Dr Renee Umstattd explained that although body appearance satisfaction was shown to be more important for younger people, it is still important for older people.

"This is a little disheartening to think that women and men are still wrestling with being satisfied with the appearance of their bodies, even after a life full of various points of meaning," she said.

In other news, Alison Wyndham, physiotherapist and founder of the Wyndham Centres, has said that exercise not only strengthens muscle, but also keeps the joints moving.

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