New study links obesity to loss of memory

New study links obesity to loss of memory

A new scientific study from the US claims to have made a link between older women's body weight and shape and memory function.

The more an older woman weighs, the more likely she is to have some form of cognitive impairment, which is often a precursor to the development of dementia, according to an article in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society.

Researchers from Northwestern University studied more than 8,745 women aged between 65 and 79, and found that this effect is more pronounced among women who carry their excess weight around their hips.

Reacting to the study, the chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust Rebecca Wood said this particular pear-shaped body is incredibly common, while the research makes a case for watching your diet to ward of cognitive impairment.

"There is little we can do about our natural body shape, but a lot we can do about our weight. With so much evidence of the dangers of obesity, we could all do well to consider sensible lifestyle changes to keep our weight in check," she added.

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