Many older people to spend Christmas alone, says research

Many older people to spend Christmas alone, says research

Eleven per cent of over 65s will spend Christmas on their own this year, according to research.

This figure could be higher among those who have chosen not to find a care home or do not need assisted living or home care.

A survey by Pollsters also found that most older people think Christmas is overrated and poorer people are more likely to dread the day.

Sixty eight per cent of people in later life believe Christmas is overrated in comparison to just 54 per cent of people overall.

In addition, almost one in five Britons actively dread Christmas.

Paul Woolley, director of the public theology think-tank Theos, which commissioned the survey, said: "The financial downturn is clearly forcing people to tighten their belts this year.

"We should be concerned that people aged 65 and over are most likely to spend Christmas alone."

This comes after Age UK warned that friends and relatives must take extra care of older people this winter as bad weather strikes.

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