Leaflet launched by Alzheimer's Society to improve care

Leaflet launched by Alzheimer's Society to improve care

The Alzheimer's Society has announced that it is launching a new leaflet to in order to ensure that poor dementia care in hospitals becomes a thing of the past, and has gained star backing.

This Is Me can be written on and given to staff when someone with dementia goes into hospital, providing a snapshot of the person behind the disease and helping hospital staff learn about the habits, hobbies, likes and dislikes of the individual.

It is being supported by the Royal College of Nursing as well as actor and Alzheimer's Society ambassador Kevin Whately, who spoke said about how his mother became very ill in hospital.

He said: "Someone would bring her a tray of food then collect it untouched because she'd forgotten to eat it.

"I think if staff had access to a leaflet like this they would have known that she needed encouragement to eat the food and maybe she wouldn't have become so weak."

Kevin Whately is best known for his role as Robert Lewis in Inspector Morse, as well as Neville Hope in comedy Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

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