Jim Bowen recovering after 2 strokes

Jim Bowen recovering after 2 strokes

Former game show presenter Jim Bowen is recovering in hospital after experiencing two strokes, it has been reported.

Jim, 73, who presented darts-orientated 1980's game show Bullseye for 15 years, had one stroke at home before being taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary where he had another, milder stroke.

His wife Phyllis said that the family have "high hopes".

"I can't say how long it will take but he is doing OK and they are looking after him well," she added.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Locomotor Experience Applied Post-Stroke trial found that stroke survivors who take part in a physical therapy program involving walking or a home-based treatment focusing on strength and balance, experience improved walking ability.

In addition, participants in the third group who had received no extra care showed improved walking speed, but only at around half the rate of those who had received the treatments at two months.

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