Injectable implant 'could improve back pain'

Injectable implant 'could improve back pain'

Back pain is a condition which no doubt plagues many of those depending on assisted living.

A University of Manchester team have developed an injectable implant which could help those with lower back pain, according to a study published in journal Soft Matter.

Microgel particles have long been thought to have the ability to transform into a gel which could return the mechanical properties of damaged intervertebral disks.

Scientists have now succeeeded in linking the particles together to form a gel which is durable, elastic and able to sustain large permanent changes in shape.

This follows research conducted at Sahlgrenska Academy which found that people with lower back pain could experience better recovery if they skipped the waiting list and instead had immediate treatment.

Although back pain was seen to improve in both groups, those that had faster access to physiotherapy were likely to see a recovery which was sustained after six months.

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