Improvement of care "can't wait"

Improvement of care "can't wait"

The improvement of the UK's care system can't wait any longer, according to the 130,000 people who have signed Age UK's new Care in Crisis petition.

It is hoped that the document, which is to be submitted to David Cameron, will encourage the prime minister to take further steps to end the 'care crisis' for older people in England.

This may include improving general standards, increasing support mechanisms for older adults and enhancing monetary aid for those needing care.

The petition follows an open letter sent to the government by 85 organisations calling for care to be Mr Cameron's "personal mission, his lasting legacy to the future".

Age UK expects that the petition will trigger debate in the House of Commons on possible reforms to the system, expanding further on the social care bill announced last week.

Tom Wright, group chief executive of Age UK, commented: "Older people have waited long enough for reform – any further delays will only condemn millions of vulnerable people to uncertainty, worry and financial insecurity, just at a time when they need to be looked after."

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