How to combat middle-aged spread

How to combat middle-aged spread

As people age they are likely to notice that they can't keep their weight off as easily as they used to.

Even those who have had a healthy body weight all their lives could find themselves developing a middle-aged spread as they approach their golden years.

This is because as the body gets older its metabolic rate slows down, meaning that people are unable to eat as much as they used to without putting on weight.

According to Rosemary Conley CBE, diet and fitness expert, this is compounded by the fact that as people get older they have more leisure time and are not as on the go as they once were.

However, there are things that can be done to fight off the middle-aged spread and it is as simple as watching food intake and increasing exercise.

Ms Conley explained: "We really need to get out there and burn some extra calories to try to combat [slower metabolisms], and we need to reduce our portion sizes as well as obviously eating healthily."

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