How can you reduce heart disease risk?

How can you reduce heart disease risk?

Heart disease is a major killer of both men and women in the UK. One in three people will die of heart and circulatory disease, research has shown.

However, there are things that can be done to lower a person's risk of developing the condition.

According to Dr Sanjay Prasad from The Cardiac Women's Health Information Service, smoking can increase the chance of heart disease and stopping this practice has beneficial effects for heart health.

A healthy diet and maintaining a stable weight is also important, as it ensure the body has the ingredients it needs to function properly.

Dr Prasad states that this can be harder for women, however, as they often struggle to get enough allicin. The body needs 1.8 mg of this daily to stay in prime condition.

"KWAI Garlic is the only supplement that releases 1.8 mg of allicin, and a large body of research has revealed that allicin helps improve blood flow and helps reduce LDL cholesterol and blood pressure," he said.

Those concerned about their heart health should seek the advice of doctor to find out more ways to lower risk.

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