Honda backs national Get On campaign for new riders

Honda backs national Get On campaign for new riders

Honda has lent its support to the Get On motorcycling campaign, welcoming non-riders to take a look at its new motorcycles this Saturday (June 19th).

In Britain's largest-ever biking open day, Honda dealers across the country will be welcoming potential bikers as the national Get On campaign is launched, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed.

Existing riders can help too, as Honda asks them to come along to show support - by bringing with them a friend who has never ridden before.

Steve Martindale, general manager of Honda (UK) Motorcycles, said the Get On campaign is an important project for the whole industry.

"It's great that motorcycle manufacturers and dealers across the whole country are joining together to promote our fantastic industry, as well as the huge and varied benefits of biking, in an informative but also fun and inviting way," he added.

According to the Motor Cycle Industry Association, more than 11,000 people have already signed up for the initiative at over 150 supporting riding schools across the UK.